12 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023

Text editors greatly assist in coding your code precisely and accurately while avoiding formatting issues. When a novice programmer chooses their first coding approach and finds that the actual code has problems, such as producing non-displayable formatting, it happens frequently. The text editors’ best traits should be essential, practical, and valuable. Whether coding on a Linux, Mac, or Windows PC, a text editor should be easy to use and have all the necessary tools.

This article will provide a list of the top 12 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023 available here.

List of the 12 Best Text Editors for Mac in 2023

Here is a list of the best 12 text editors you can try. Each text editor has features, so you have to check each to see what you need.

1. Sublime Text 3

We recommend Sublime Text 3 for Mac text editors. It’s an easy-to-use, powerful text editor. If you want to work rapidly without interruptions, it’s a fantastic choice. Linux, Windows, and Mac OS support it. With code completion, multiple cursors, and syntax highlighting, Sublime Text for Mac is a powerful but easy-to-use text editor. It’s one of our favorite Mac programs and a good choice for a professional text editor on your MacBook Pro.

2. Atom

Another free text editor for macOS 10.14 was created in Node.js and incorporated into GitControl. Atom is a source code and plain text editor. Plug-ins allow the software to work in various languages, including HTML, Objective-C, C/C++, CSS, Java, Go, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, and others. It’s versatile for many developers.

3. Brackets

Adobe’s free, open-source text editor is better known as Photoshop. You can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Sass to design websites with brackets. It lets you make and run a website without needing any extra tools. It changes other programs’ codes and documents. For creating websites on a Mac, Brackets is a flexible and easy-to-use text editor. There is support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


4. BBEdit

If you’re creating a website, script, or code, TextEdit won’t do. Syntax highlighting and numerous document formats are required in a text editor. BBEdit 13 is our favorite since it works on all platforms, is highly customizable, and simplifies difficult jobs like JavaScript-based development. Windows users have a previous version. BBEdit is pricey, but it’s worth it. It resembles Notepad++ for Macs.

5. Espresso

Espresso would be my top option for productivity on macOS. For starters, the text editor may be the most user-friendly editing interface. It also simplifies CSS editing, saving time compared to other text editors. The code editor, navigator, and file columns in this Mac-only text editor facilitate real-time text editing. Thus, you can easily track all the code you’re working on without switching between windows. Espresso lets you drag and drop content quickly. This macOS-only text editor boosts productivity overall.

6. Vim

This macOS 10.14 text editor is command line-based. Vim is one of the most popular text editors. A lot of documentation helps users understand how to utilize the program. A brief reference, help manuals, and a 30-minute instructional are included with Vim.

7. UltraEdit

UltraEdit by IDM Computer Solutions is a fantastic remote file editor. Stable, speedy, and easy to use. It quickly processes large files above 1GB. UltraEdit has many tools to assist you in highlighting syntax, sorting files or data, changing columns or blocks, and more. The software supports SSH/telnet.

8. Emacs

Emacs is a powerful text editor that can do anything the writer wants. It works with many programming languages and has other text-editing features. It has a long list of Lisp extensions that range from the practical (git integration, syntax highlighting, etc.) to the beautiful (calculators, calendars, etc.). (chess, Eliza).

9. Coda 2 / Nova

Mac users love Coda 2. It has so many features it’s like a Swiss Army knife. We adore Coda 2’s simplicity and adaptability. It’s a text editor that supports FTP, project management, Git, and more. The program also previews CSS, and Markdown changes live. It can be used on up to five PCs. If you code on a Mac, Coda 2 is worth the money.

10. Textastic

A good text editor is Textastic, which is why I use it. I like it on macOS as a full-fledged text editor because I can use Goto Definition, color coding, Quick Look previews, and more. Textastic replaced BBEdit and Sublime Text for me, and its developers keep adding more features. It is possible to try before you buy. This Mac app serves as a text editor for plain text.

11. TextMate 2.0

This well-designed code editor takes advantage of Mac OS X’s advantages. Split editing, text bundles, autocompletion, snippets, macros, and more are available in the user-friendly interface. By developing a bundle, TextMate may support new programming languages. This code editor supports FTP, Markdown, and more, making it one of the best. Before installing TextMate 2, ensure sure your operating system is macOS 10.7 or later.

12. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, available on Windows, Linux, and macOS, is one of our favorite text editors. However, we recommend Xcode if you’re developing your program on a Mac and need more than a code editor.

Extension support and an expansive extension library can be used to extend Visual Studio Code’s functionality and customize its UI. Popular plugins include Git Lens, Sublime Text Keymap, Azure Storage, Angular Essentials, Vim, and Chrome Debugger. Visual Studio Code is an excellent free code editor that works on numerous platforms.

So, Which HTML Editors Will You Choose for Mac?

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