Sarah Hanna Death: A Life of Strength and Compassion

The city of San Jose, CA mourns the loss of a beloved resident, Sarah Hanna, whose life tragically ended on Sunday, 7th January 2023. The news of her passing has left family, friends, and acquaintances devastated, as they remember a woman whose beautiful soul embodied strength and compassion.

Who was Sarah Hanna?

Sarah Hanna was a remarkable woman, known for her radiant energy and nurturing presence. Born and raised in San Jose, she touched the lives of many with her kindness and empathy. As a sister, she went above and beyond to support her siblings, always striving to understand their hopes, anxieties, and dreams. Her love was unconditional, and she expected nothing in return.

To her family, Sarah was a priceless asset, a guiding light that brought love, warmth, and insight. She had an inherent talent for understanding people, making her an irreplaceable part of her community.

Sarah Hanna Career

Sarah was the proud owner of Sarah Hanna Jewelry, a business based in San Jose, California. Her work in the jewelry industry not only showcased her creativity but also her dedication and passion for her craft.

What was the Cause of Sarah Hanna death?

While the news of Sarah Hanna’s death has been confirmed, the exact cause of her passing remains undisclosed at this time. The suddenness of her departure has left those who knew her in a state of shock and grief.

Funeral Arrangements

Sarah Hanna’s funeral service will be held at Saint George & Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Campbell, CA, beginning at 9:45 AM local time (7:45 PM in Egypt). The church is located at 395 W Rincon Ave, Campbell, CA 95008.

Following the service, burial site prayers will commence at 11:30 AM at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, St. Andrew’s Section, located at 22555 Cristo Rey Dr, Los Altos, CA 94024.

At 12:30 PM, a reception and lunch will be held back at Saint George & Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Campbell, CA.

Daniel Hanna

Our family’s beloved Sarah Hanna went to the paradise of joy yesterday. She was a radiant bright star that bestowed love and laughter upon everyone who knew her. Please join us in celebrating and remembering Sarah’s life this Thursday January 11th, 2024Order of Service:9:45 AM (7:45 PM in Egypt) Funeral Service at Saint George & Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Campbell, CA Address – 395 W Rincon Ave, Campbell, CA 9500811:30 AM Burial Site Prayers at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. St. Andrew’s Section. Address – 22555 Cristo Rey Dr, Los Altos, CA 9402412:30 AM Reception and Lunch back at Saint George & Saint Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church in Campbell, CA **Transportation shuttles will be provided to and from the Church and the Burial Site between services.

Sarah Hanna Obituary

The news of Sarah Hanna’s passing has quickly spread on social media, with friends, family, and acquaintances expressing their grief and sharing their cherished memories of her. The loss of such a compassionate and understanding individual is deeply felt by all who knew her.

As we mourn the loss of Sarah Hanna, we also celebrate the life she lived – one filled with strength, compassion, and unwavering love. Her spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of those she touched during her time.

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