Alexandra De Taddeo Video Goes Viral: Know Everything About The Viral Video

Alexandra de Taddeo, a law student who was born to Francis de Taddeo, a famous businessman, is against trending on the internet, as Alexandra de Taddeo and Piotr Pavlenski have been on trial since June 28, 2023, for having broadcast intimate videos of former Secretary of State Benjamin Griveaux in February 2020. Are you also interested in learning more about Alexandra De Taddeo’s viral video? If yes, keep reading this article, as it carries all the necessary information about Alexandra De Taddeo, what actually happened, and everything else about the viral videos! 

Who is Alexandra De Taddeo? Know about her personal life

Alexandra De Taddeo is a law student who is the daughter of Francis de Taddeo, a famous businessman who manages a football club. She is popularly known for heading an association at the faculty of Assas in 2017 and also works as a founder, including speaking on Protestant Frequency in the cultural programme Obliques.

Learn more about Alexandra De Taddeo viral video incident

Alexandra De Taddeo has been facing charges for being the designer and supplier of unsuitable videos of former LREM candidate for mayor of Paris, Benjamin Griveaux, alongside her partner Piotr Pavlenski, who is a Russian artist.
The release created a wave of public interest that brought to the fore issues related to privacy and inappropriate use of personal data. The videos and private videos were later uploaded to the Porno Politic website, following which people started talking heavily about the viral videos all across the internet.
In view of the confidentiality of the case, the violation, and the private video that was aired, Benjamin Griveaux was removed from the post in 2020. Grivaux’s decision to withdraw from the campaign was strongly criticised by the public. Grivaux’s lawyer recently claimed that Pavlensky and De Taddeo had used “Stasi methods” to harm Grivaux’s campaign.

Alexandra’s response on the viral videos

Grivaux completely withdrew his complaint, and as a result, an investigation into the matter was also initiated. The Investigating judges thought that Alexandra had a direct role in making the videos viral. However, during the recent trials, De Taddeo claimed that she had saved those private films as evidence if her relationship with Griveaux faced any problems in the future.
In the recent trial, she has also given arguments that Piotr Pavlensky, whom she met in late 2018, appears to have released the videos without her consent.

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