Alicia Whatley of Tylertown, Mississippi, has died in a Car Accident

A tragic accident on Highway 11 claimed the life of Alicia Whatley, a valued member of the Tylertown, Mississippi community. The incident occurred on Monday, January 8, 2023, leaving friends, family, and community members mourning her sudden and unexpected loss.

Who was Alicia Whatley?

Described as sweet, funny, and loving, Alicia Whatley was a cherished soul from Tylertown, Mississippi. She touched the lives of many with her vibrant personality and caring nature. Her untimely death has left a significant void in the hearts of those who knew her.

Alicia Whatley Career

Information regarding Alicia’s professional life remains scarce at present. Nonetheless, it is evident from the outpouring of support and condolences that she had a profound impact on those around her through her personal relationships.

What Happened to Alicia Whatley?

On Monday, January 8, 2023, Alicia Whatley was involved in a devastating car accident on Highway 11. The details of the incident are still under investigation.

Tabatha Foster

For all who have kids please call them, go see them, hug them, hold them tight, check them out of school spend the day with them. You never know when the good lord will call them home. Keeping the Whatley’s in my prayers. May GOD give you the strength to get through this terrible tragedy. 🙏🙏🙏 RIP BABY GIRL Alicia Whatley

How Did Alicia Whatley Die?

Alicia Whatley’s cause of death was due to a car accident. The crash happened on Highway 11, but further details about the circumstances leading up to the accident remain unclear.

Alicia Whatley Obituary

Alicia Whatley, a dear resident of Tylertown, Mississippi, tragically lost her life on January 8, 2023. Her obituary paints a picture of a young woman full of life and love, whose absence is deeply felt by her loved ones and the community.

In response to this tragic event, a GoFundMe page was initiated by Crystal Lang to assist with funeral and memorial expenses. According to Lang, Alicia was her niece, and her brother is overwhelmed with grief and uncertainty, unsure of how he will manage the burial arrangements.

The untimely death of Alicia Whatley is a devastating blow to her family, friends, and the Tylertown community. As they grieve, they remember her sweet, humorous, and loving nature, cherishing the memories they shared with her.


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