Allen Masjid Death: Farman Sherwani and Family Found Dead at Home

A family of four including Farman Sherwani, a machinery worker from Allen, TX, was found dead in an apparent case of murder-suicide. Here’s everything about the trending Allen Masjid death news where four members of a family including two children tragically lost their lives.

The Islamic Association of Allen mourned the unfortunate tragedy and proceeded with the funeral on Tuesday. The Muslim community in Allen is deeply shocked and saddened due to the horrifying incident. The family recently lost a toddler who died after drowning in a pool.

Muslim Family of Four Found Dead at Home in Allen, TX

Allen Police were called to the 1200 block of Aberdeen Drive at about 8:45 AM on Monday, August 28, 2023, for a welfare check after a resident claimed that they’d been locked out of the home for about two hours and couldn’t get anyone to come to the door.

The police were able to go inside after other family members arrived at the Collin County house. Upon going in, they were shocked to find the dead bodies of the four family members. They have been identified since then and an investigation ensued.

The police are investigating the case as an apparent murder-suicide and the news is going viral as ‘Allen Masjid death’ on social media platforms.

“It was just really sad and hard and all of us felt for the family as we were watching them mourn in the front yard,” said a neighbor named Jacqueline Soto who lives across the street and saw the family of the deceased mourning.

Allen Masjid Death: Family Members Identified

Police have identified the four members of a family who were found dead in a Collins County house in Allen, Texas. They have been identified as Farman Sherwani, a father and Machinery Mechanic, his wife Layla Sherwani, and their two children, Shaheen Sherwani, 12, and the youngest child Mateen Sherwani, 2.

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Tragically, the family also lost their 4-year-old daughter Lyian Sherwani just a few days before this incident. She passed away after accidentally drowning in a pool. The Sherwani family was left devastated after the loss of the child.

It’s not known right now if there is a relation between the death of Lyian Sherwani to the shocking passing of the four other members of the family. Further investigation will release more details. We will keep you posted.

Funeral of the Family Found Dead in Allen, TX Takes Place

The funeral of the Muslim family found dead at their home in Allen, Texas, including Farman Sherwani, Layla Sherwani, Shaheen Sherwani, and Mateen Sherwani, took place on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at the local mosque and the burial followed at the nearby graveyard.

In the Islamic religion, the funeral (also called the Janaza) includes the burial of the dead body followed by the recitation of certain prayers. The Allen Muslim community, relatives, and their neighbors were a part of the funeral held on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

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The imam explained that it’s customary to bury the dead bodies as soon as possible. Allen Police handed over the bodies to the family after the investigation for mandatory rituals.

Islamic Association of Allen Mourns the Tragedy

The Islamic Association of Allen confirmed that Farman Sherwani and his family members were a part of the Muslim Community. Imam Abdul Rahman Bashir, the religious director for the Islamic Association of Allen mourned the deaths and shared the following statement:

“Waking up to the news of losing a four-member family all of a sudden is not something that anyone can be prepared for, family members or let alone anyone in the community, so it’s been a very heavy day for everyone in the community.

“As the father of three children myself, it’s something very hard to digest and grapple with the gravity of the situation, what the family may have been going through. We just continue to encourage the community to be there for each other during this time of sorrow and grief and we also encourage the community to cherish their family members and the moments that they have and be cognizant of the uncertainty of life.”

He also revealed that the Islamic Association of Allen is partnering with MAPS (Muslim Association of Psychological Services) to provide outreach to the community. They will also hold a ‘Healing Circle’ with counselors to help with the grief of the ‘Allen Masjid death’ incident.

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“We reach out to the community to remind them of the importance of being there for each other, if someone needs help, to reach out to whoever it is that may trust to reach out in these tragic times. We offer the mosque and open these doors to serve as a safe place for them,” Bashir added.

This is a developing story. We’ll keep adding updates from the ongoing investigation here.

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