Anush Apetyan’s Real Video: Know everything about the Armenian Soldier

Anush Apetyan, a 36-year-old Armenian soldier and mother of three who was reportedly raped, tortured, and maimed by Azerbaijani forces, has once again started to trend on the internet as netizens search heavily for Anush Apetyan’s real video. Are you interested in learning more about Anush Apetyan and her real Video? If yes, keep reading this article till the end, as it includes all necessary information about Anush Apetyan’s real video and everything else about her!

Who is Anush Apetyan? What happened to her? 

Anush Apetyan was a 36-year-old Armenian soldier who was reportedly
captured alive by Azerbaijani forces in Jermuk during the invasion by Azerbaijan of the Armenian lands between September 13 and 14, 2022. She was a mother to three children, aged 16, 15, and 4.

Along with the 36-year-old Anush Apetyan, more than 10 other Armenian soldiers were also captured alive. Apetyan was raped, tortured, and maimed by Azerbaijani forces.

Learn more about Anush Apetyan’s real video:

After the Armenian soldiers were reportedly captured alive by Azerbaijani forces, a video of the torture and mutilation of a woman captured by Azerbaijani soldiers started circulating first on Telegram. After a while, it was found that the woman in the video is 36-year-old Armenian soldier Anush Apetyan.

In the viral video, it was obvious that she had been tortured and mutilated. Her legs were cut off, and at least one finger was cut off and stuck in her mouth. They gouged out her eyes and replaced them with stones. All this was happening while the Azerbaijani soldiers surrounding her were celebrating and mocking her.

Authorities reacts over the Anush Apetyan’s real video

During a briefing, The Army Chief of Staff stated that surveillance Video revealed an Azerbaijani military detachment of 50 to 60 people withdrawing from northern Jermuk. They referred to the rape, savage mutilation, and slaughter of Anush Apetyan as one of the worst atrocities committed by Azerbaijan against Armenian forces.

Asrian reminded the ambassadors that no country’s army or soldiers have the authority to commit such atrocities. He described this act as a significant violation of international humanitarian law and also accused Azerbaijan of war crimes. He promised that the Armenian Armed Forces would continue to take all necessary steps to protect the motherland’s military security.

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