Bad Girl Biker LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings, Motorcycle Accident:Know More Here

The love for motorcycles and the open road is a bond shared by many, and for members of biker clubs, it’s more than just a hobby – it’s a way of life. This is why when a member passes away, it hits home hard in the tight-knit community. We lost a fellow biker and sister, LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings, after a motorcycle accident on Monday, September 25, 2023. This tragedy has shocked and saddened the Bad Girl Biker Clique WMC and TRU Pearl’s SC Dallas members, and the entire biking community as a whole. In this article, we honor and remember LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings and celebrate her life as a beloved biker sister.

Who was LaTonja Hastings?

LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings was a passionate and fierce biker sister. She was a member of the Bad Girl Biker Clique WMC and TRU Pearl’s SC Dallas, which are organizations that promote the growth and empowerment of women in the biking community. LaTonja embodied the spirit of these clubs – she was a thrill-seeker who loved the sense of adventure that biking provided, and she was always ready to hit the open road with her fellow sisters. Her passing has left a void in the hearts of her club members, as well as in the entire biker community.

LaTonja’s love for motorcycles was not just a hobby, but a lifestyle. She was known for her signature red riding suit and red boots with a heel. Her bike, adorned with yellow accents and white lightning bolts, was a reflection of her vibrant personality. LaTonja’s passion for biking was infectious, and she inspired many women to join the biking community.

LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings Motorcycle Accident:What was the cause of her death?

The cause of LaTonja’s motorcycle accident is still unknown, and her family and friends are still mourning the sudden loss. It’s important to remind everyone in the biking community that safety should always come first. It’s crucial to wear proper gear and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. LaTonja’s death is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers that come with riding a motorcycle. We should honor her memory by promoting safe riding practices, and by always looking out for the safety of our fellow biker brothers and sisters.

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LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings Obituary

LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings was a true biker sister who left an indelible mark on the biking community. Her spirit and passion for motorcycles will always be remembered, and her loss has sent shockwaves through the entire community. As we mourn her passing, let’s also take this opportunity to celebrate her life and the legacy she has left behind. LaTonja’s death is a powerful reminder of the importance of safety on the open road, and we should always strive to promote safe riding practices. Rest in power, sister – we will always remember you as a beloved member of the biker community.

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PaTasha Walker
On behalf of Trudivasdolls Dallassc we send our deepest condolences and prayers to you her immediate family and the DFW set this is hard on everybody she will truly be missed

Kimberly Michele Rodgers
Wishing your club and fsmily connected, grace and peace on such a tremendous loss. May the Lord offer you comfort. Chaplain/ Secretary Jerzee~On behalf of the Durdy Boyz/DurdyGirlz of Baltimore, MD.

Teheara Baker
My Deepest And Heartfelt Sympathies Are With The Family And Friends In This Difficult Time May She Rest In Heaven💝🙏🏾 Prayers Up 🙏🏾

The Bad Girl Biker Clique WMC and TRU Pearl’s SC Dallas have lost a sister, but her legacy lives on. LaTonja ‘Certified’ Hastings will always be remembered as a fierce and passionate biker sister who embodied the true spirit of sisterhood. We offer our deepest condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time. Let’s honor LaTonja by continuing to support and empower women in the biking community, and by always remembering the importance of safety on the open road. Ride on, sister, you will never be forgotten.

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