Best Score808 Alternatives for Free Football Live Score in 2023

If you are a sports fan, sites like will used to be a blessing for you, as they allow you to watch the live stream of your favorite games such as NFL, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and others. You can also find other sports including basketball, tennis, golf, and others for free.

But unfortunately, is banned and the domain has been seized by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) persuant to a warrant issued by the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. So, you can’t use the website for free football live streaming anymore. But for your non-stop entertainment we have researched and compiled a list of Score808 Alternatives platform which are free & easily allow you to check live score.

Best Alternatives to Stream Live Sports Free

Score808 was amazing but don’t worry, we already have the Score808 Alternatives available for free football live streaming. These platforms will allow you to watch any sports events for free without any registrations or logins just like

All you have to do is visit the website, find the game, and start streaming. You don’t have to get a subscription or complete any tasks to enjoy your favorite sports matches.


Sportsurge is a live-streaming website that lets users watch sports events for free. It provides hassle-free streams of games from the NFL, NBA, MMA, boxing, and many other categories. This website is available in over 150 countries and you can access it on any device.

If you are looking for a good platform to stream live matches on your mobile, it should be your first pick due to ease of access and content quality. The user interface of the platform is also pretty cool and appealing.

2. is another impressive website that lets you watch not only football live streams but also games from other sports too. Don’t let its name confuse you as it’s the perfect Score808 alternative that anyone can use.

The main focus of the website is on soccer and you can find any live game or highlights here. Everything is available for absolutely free. You don’t have to register for an account.

3. is the perfect platform for users who don’t have the time to live stream matches but want to stay updated on their favorite teams. This website provides live updates, player profiles, information, betting odds, and more.

If you are a soccer fan, you must try it once as the interface is clean and simple. You can find updates, scores, news, and highlights regarding any game quickly.

4. is another great Score808 alternative that lets users find live scores, updates, news, and any other information regarding ongoing football matches and tournaments. You can also find live updates and scores from several other sports too.

There are plenty of cool articles on this website for sports fans who want to know the ins and outs of their favorite teams and players.

5. is the next incredible live sports streaming website that provides access to plenty of soccer games. You can also find games from other events including NBA, American Football, Tennis, etc, on this platform.

The best part is that everything is available for free and you don’t have to register for an account. However, the non-stopping ads may interrupt your experience sometimes.


Real Stream United is another sports live-streaming platform that is mainly focused on football but provides updates and streams from other games too. You can find the live football matches happening today here just like before it got banned.

On this website, you just have to navigate to the game that you’d like to stream and start watching. There are several server options and you don’t have to sign up for an account.

7. YouTube

YouTube is the perfect platform if you want to stay updated with live football and other sports. You may not find live streaming of games on YouTube but there are highlights available both officially and unofficially.

YouTube TV1

You can also find live streams of some games here from the watch parties of creators and avid fans of sports. If you just want quick updates on matches, it’s the perfect legal platform for you.

8. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch has turned into an unofficial home of free live football streaming. There are plenty of fan streams available on the platform to enjoy your favorite games from any league or international friendlies.

Facebook Watch1

You can also find any sports game or its highlights on Facebook Watch. Many broadcasters provide live coverage on the platform too. All you have to do is sign in to your Facebook account, search for the game, and start streaming.

These sites provide free access to live football and other sports without needing an account. However, expect to deal with advertisements. Using an ad blocker is recommended.

Today’s Live Football Matches (July 20, 2023)

Here are the top live football matches happening today that you shouldn’t miss:

International Club Friendlies

  • MLS All-Star vs Arsenal
  • New Mexico vs Sunderland
  • AC Milan vs Lumezzane
  • Al-Nassr vs Benfica

Copa Sudamericana

  • Emelec vs Cristal
  • San Lorenzo vs Medellin
  • Audax vs Nublense

Women’s Worldcup

  • New Zealand W vs Norway W
  • Australia W vs Ireland W

And many more! Check the sites above to find live streams for the football matches happening right now.

Frequently Asked Questions about Score808 Alternatives

  1. Is live football streaming on these sites legal?

    Most of these sites operate in legal grey areas. The streams themselves are typically user-generated and not officially authorized. Proceed with caution and use ad blockers.

  2. Do I need to register or pay to use these sites?

    No, all the options listed above provide free access to live football streams without needing an account or subscription. But expect ads.

  3. What sports can I watch besides football on these sites?

    Many of these platforms cover other major sports like basketball, baseball, tennis, MMA and more alongside football. Options vary by site.

  4. Are there mobile apps available for these Score808 alternatives?

    Most don’t have native apps, but their websites work well on mobile browsers. Sportsurge provides the best mobile streaming experience.

  5. Any tips for getting the best stream quality?

    Try testing different live stream links on each site to find the best video quality. Close other tabs and apps to allocate more bandwidth.

I hope this guide to the best free Score808 alternatives helps you enjoy live football and other sports streaming. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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