Birmingham Stabbing: Teenager Hurt Near Council House in Victoria Square

A shocking incident occurred in Birmingham’s Victoria Square, where a 17-year-old boy was stabbed. The event took place around 15:30 GMT and has left the city and its residents in a state of alarm.

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The Victim’s Condition

The teenager was swiftly taken to the hospital with serious injuries. As of now, further details about his condition have not been disclosed.

Investigation Underway

The West Midlands Police have launched an investigation into the stabbing incident. It’s a part of their ongoing efforts to curb violent crime in the area.

Previous Incidents

Unfortunately, this is not the first stabbing incident in Birmingham. In November, another man was stabbed in Great Hampton Row, leading to a man being charged with attempted murder. A father also tragically lost his life while protecting his son from an armed gang.

Public Response

These incidents have raised concerns about safety, particularly in public spaces like Victoria Square. The public and local authorities are calling for stricter measures to prevent such violence.


The alarming rate of stabbing incidents in Birmingham calls for immediate and effective action. Ensuring public safety should be a priority, and it is hoped that the investigation into this latest incident will bring justice and prevent future occurrences.

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