Born X Raised Founder Chris Printup Died In A Car Accident Know More About Him

 The streetwear community is mourning the loss of a great figure in fashion and urban culture, Chris “Spanto” Printup, the founder of Born x Raised. He launched the LA-based streetwear brand in 2011 with creative partner, Alex “2 Tone,” to showcase the true essence of 90s Los Angeles. Born X Raised quickly gained popularity for its genuine storytelling and self-expression.

The sudden passing of Chris Printup has left a void in the fashion industry, and this article is a tribute to his legacy and the impact he made on urban culture. Keep reading more..

Who was Chris Printup?

Chris Printup was known by his brand name, Spanto, and was a prominent figure in Los Angeles fashion and streetwear scene. He grew up in Venice, California, and his upbringing and experiences played a significant role in the creation of Born X Raised. The brand was a reflection of LA’s urban culture, its struggles, and resilience. The apparel reflected the lives of its creators, and the gritty, raw, and authentic style resonated with people.

About Born X Raised

Despite its modest beginnings, Born X Raised gained a vast following, including collaborations with renowned brands such as Converse, Carhartt, and the Dodgers. The success of the brand was a testament to Chris Printup’s vision and dedication to the core values of Born X Raised. His death has left a tremendous impact on his team and loyal fan base.

Founder Chris Printup Car Accident, Know More About Cause of Death

Chris Printup died in a tragic vehicle accident in February 2021, months after losing his father. The news came as a shock to the streetwear community. Many took to social media to pay their respects, expressing their condolences and sharing how much Chris Printup and Born X Raised meant to them. The loss of a great leader and visionary is felt not only by his family and friends but by the fans who loved his work.

Cac Oxnard

Born x Raised’ co-founder Chris Printup dies in tragic car accident months after father’s demise. Many close friends & colleagues in the industry have begun paying tribute to the designer on social media. The brand has yet to reveal an official announcement on their social media. #99ThreeFM #BornxRaised

Chris Printup Networth

Born X Raised founder, Chris Printup’s net worth is not publicly known, but the success of his brand pointed to a lucrative career in the fashion industry. He was a true embodiment of the LA spirit, where hard work, creativity, and perseverance are the foundations of success. He accomplished so much at a young age, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue to live on through Born X Raised and those he inspired.

Chris Printup Obituary

Chris Printup was more than a fashion designer; he was an inspiration for anyone striving to make their dreams come true. He created a brand that connected with people and reflected the essence of Los Angeles’s urban culture. Despite his untimely death, his impact on the fashion industry and the streetwear community will never be forgotten. Born X Raised will continue to carry on Chris Printup’s legacy and his dedication to representing the true character of LA. Rest in Peace, Chris Printup.

People Shared Condolences on Social Media

Nicke Kicks

BORNXRAISED founder, Chris Printup, has passed away today in a fatal car accident. RIP Spanto 🕊️🙏✨ Spanto recently visited his alma mater Venice Beach High School to gift every 2023 graduate the upcoming @bornxraised x Nike SB Dunk Low 🙏

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