Brandi Mallory, A Former Contestant on ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Makeup Artist has died

The world has lost a vibrant and inspiring figure with the sudden passing of Brandi Mallory, a former contestant on ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ and a dedicated model and makeup artist.

Who was Brandi Mallory?

Brandi Mallory was more than just a reality TV contestant; she was an embodiment of determination and resilience. Known for her unforgettable journey on ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ Brandi showcased her strength and tenacity, inspiring many along the way.

In addition to her stint on reality TV, Brandi was a talented makeup artist and model, using her platform to promote self-love and body positivity. She was also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST), a renowned organization committed to public service, leadership development, and the empowerment of women.

Brandi Mallory Career

Brandi Mallory’s career was as diverse as it was impactful. As a contestant on ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ she captured the hearts of millions with her weight loss journey, becoming a beacon of hope and determination for many facing similar struggles.

Beyond the screen, Brandi used her skills as a makeup artist to enhance people’s natural beauty and boost their confidence. She also modeled, further promoting body positivity and challenging societal norms of beauty.

What Happened to Brandi Mallory?

On Thursday, November 8, 2023, Brandi Mallory tragically passed away following an undisclosed emergency. The news of her untimely demise came as a shock to many, leaving fans, friends, and family grappling with the sudden loss.

Kayla Jasmine

I’m really sad tonight. I guess getting older means that the possibility of losing friends becomes more ..real but.. idk man. It never sits right. I met Brandi Duchii Mallory in 2007 at CAU .. we had the same schedule damn near my first semester and the first thing I noticed were her tattoos and that smile! Her confidence..her light..soo beautiful! she would always seem happy and spread that happiness wherever she was. Watching Kiva Jazzette through the bold and beautiful pageants and how much growth I saw in my friend as a result of being under Brandi’s guidance.( I wasn’t a pageant girl but I was there lol!) Then we left school and she became an even brighter star!We kept in touch through the years and.. Some things you just do NOT want to hear. Rest Brandi. You did an amazing job at this thing called life and I know there isn’t a person who would disagree.

What was the Cause of Brandi Mallory Death?

At this time, the exact cause of Brandi Mallory’s death remains unknown. The only information available is that she died following an undisclosed emergency, leaving a community in mourning and a legacy that will continue to inspire.

Maui Bigelow gif maker 2023 11 10T121335.577
One of one! There will NEVER be another Brandi Mallory. Thank you for all the love and light. Thank you for always showing up and representing. Physically you will be missed but your beauty and brilliance will forever live in our hearts. I hope heaven has a dance floor. Until we meet again, I love you sis!

Brandi Mallory Obituary

Brandi Mallory’s obituary reflects the life of a woman who was full of vitality and strength. She was someone who turned her personal journey into an inspirational story for others, encouraging people to love themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

Meche Sanders gif maker 2023 11 10T121507.573
I am devastated by the loss of my sister, my friend, my pageant coach, my Soror! Brandi Duchii Mallory goes hard in the PAINT, and showed what working hard and finding a way or make one means. When I first came to CAU, she was working hard in the name of Gamma Sig and for BBC. She set the standard and showed us all that your dress size doesn’t matter but the size of your heart did. I am truly heartbroken over the loss of someone who will legit pull up on you no matter what, someone who was always rooting for you! To Sigma chapter and Zeta Omega, we loss a good sister! Praying for the Mallory family as they mourn the loss of their baby girl. To the CAU family we loss a true one! Keep the Mallory Family, Cj Washington and his family, CAU, DST- Sigma chapter, GSS- Zeta Omega chapter, BBC and anyone who had the pleasure of being his presence in your prayers as we try to make sense of everything. 🫶🏾🐧

Her sudden passing has left a void in the hearts of many, but her spirit lives on through the countless lives she touched. As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate her life and the positive impact she had on the world.

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