Brice Trossbach Identified as the Firefighter Killed in Leonardtown Fire: Tributes Emerge

Firefighter Brice C. Trossbach died while responding to a mutual aid call for a fire in a Leonardtown house, Maryland. Here’s what happened to Brice Trossbach and the cause behind the firefighter passing away in a tragic incident.

Trossbach was a dedicated public servant who sacrificed his life trying to protect his community. His ultimate sacrifice will be remembered forever. Memorials and tributes have emerged for the deceased firefighter as the NAS Patuxent River community mourns the terrible loss.

Who was Brice Trossbach?

Brice C. Trossbach was a Navas District Fire Fighter at NAS Patuxent River. He started his services there in August 2019. Before this, he worked as a Volunteer Firefighter with the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department and the Bay District Fire Department.

He has been working as a firefighter since 2013. Trossbach was a brave man who feared no one when trying to save his people. He was widely known in the Maryland community for his services. Eventually, the courageous man died serving his people.

Brice C. Trossbach Died in Leonardtown, Maryland House Fire

A fire broke inside a house in Leonardtown, Maryland on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at around 5:30 AM while three people were inside the building. The incident took place at the 20500 block of Deer Wood Park Drive-in and St. Mary’s County fire officials responded to the help call.

While responding to the mutual aid call for the house fire, Trossbach was among the first group of firefighters to enter the building. He went to the first floor of the building to save people inside but fell into the basement as the structure collapsed. He was then rushed to the hospital.

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Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t save him and Brice C. Trossbach passed away due to the injuries sustained in the Leonardtown house fire accident.

Another fireman from Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department was also injured and he is getting treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. The people inside the building were saved by multiple firefighters as confirmed by Oliver Alkire, a public information officer for the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

How did the Fire start in the Leonardtown House?

Alkire also confirmed that an investigation was launched for the Leonardtown house fire where Brice Trossbach lost his life trying to save people. He confirmed that the house is a total loss as the entire structure collapsed but no one else was fatally injured.

Several men were injured including firefighters but only Trossbach died in the scary incident. Alkire went on to reveal that the preliminary investigation suggests the fire could’ve started due to a weather condition such as a lightning strike.

He stated the family inside the house heard a huge “boom” before they noticed flames everywhere. The building soon broke into massive flames and the firefighters were called. Further investigation will reveal more details about this.

Tributes for Brice Trossbach Flooding Online

The NAS Paxutent River community is paying tribute to Brice C. Trossbach who died trying to save people in the Leonardtown house fire. People on social media platforms are also paying respect to the deceased firefighter for his courageous act and ultimate sacrifice.

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Gerald Gardiner, the Deputy Director of Emergency Services for St. Mary’s County also shared kind words for Trossbach while revealing that he had known him since he was a small child.

“I’ve known Brice since he was a little kid following his dad to the Leonardtown Fire Station when I was the Chief there, and he always wanted to be a firefighter,” Gardiner stated.

He added: “To see him come up from that kid, to the man and firefighter he’d become, makes this loss especially hard.”

“His respect for those he helped, the mentorship he provided the younger guys coming up, and the service he gave to the nation and Southern Maryland community will leave a big hole in our hearts,” Gardiner completed.

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Several other posts and tweets have appeared on various social platforms acknowledging Trossbach’s ultimate sacrifice.

The funeral arrangements are pending at this time while an obituary for Brice Trossbach is also awaited. We will keep you posted when his family shares more details. May God his soul find peace. Our deepest condolences go to his loved ones.

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