Call Of Duty cosplayer and TikToker inquisitor Ghost Killed Himself On Live Stream, What Actually Happened?

In an unfortunate turn of events, the popular Call of Duty cosplayer, Inquisitor Ghost, whose real-life identity remains undisclosed, reportedly committed suicide on October 9th. The 23-year-old content creator was a recognized figure in the cosplay community, known for his portrayal of Ghost from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video game series. His untimely death has left his followers grieving and shocked, especially given the circumstances surrounding his demise.

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Who was Inquisitor Ghost? What Actually Happened?

Inquisitor Ghost, also known as Inquisitore3 on TikTok, had amassed over 100,000 fans on the platform. He was well-known for his videos showcasing his dance moves and his fashion sense. His short films, often dubbed “thirst traps”, were quite popular among his fanbase. His most famous portrayal was that of Ghost from the Call of Duty series, earning him the nickname ‘Ghost Cosplayer’. His red lightsaber prop, reminiscent of the Star Wars series, was a signature element of his cosplay persona.

However, the Italian content creator recently found himself at the center of a controversy. He became a target of violent internet harassment following allegations of grooming. These claims sparked outrage among netizens, leading to a barrage of online abuse directed at him. gif maker 2023 10 12T161216.339

The Controversy and Aftermath

The allegations against Ghost were severe, causing significant distress to the young cosplayer. However, many internet users have since claimed that these accusations were unfounded. Regardless of the truth behind the charges, the impact of the online harassment was evidently devastating.

On the fateful day of October 9th, Inquisitor Ghost allegedly took his own life during a live stream on TikTok. This horrifying incident was witnessed by his unsuspecting followers, who were left inconsolable.

TikTok’s Response

Following the incident, TikTok management promptly removed the live video, citing its disturbing content. The platform has strict policies against content that promotes or glorifies self-harm and suicide.

While the removal of the video was necessary, it has also raised questions about the measures in place to prevent such incidents from happening in the first place. It underscores the urgent need for social media platforms to take stronger actions toward cyberbullying and harassment.

Monika Kiss

October 10 will be a black day in cod cosplay community. You don’t deserved that… i hope you will be fine in heaven, and will show us your iconic lightsaber in the sky. Rest in peace Inquisitor, everyone’s Vincent, our Italian Ghost BULLYING NEVER WILL BE OKAYSign this petition, get him as a CoD skin!! Sign this list to help inquisitor get his own cod skin❤️❤️

A Loss to the Cosplay Community
The death of Inquisitor Ghost has left a void in the cosplay community. His unique style and creative portrayals will be missed by his fans and fellow cosplayers alike. His tragic end underscores the devastating impact of online harassment and the importance of mental health awareness.

Lillian Bone

I’m not sure if it’s made it’s this way yet but Inquisitor the Ghost cosplayer committed suicide on tiktok live from FALSE allegations that he was a groomer/pedo, the girl and her boyfriend both came out and admitted it was a set up (she originally lied about her age she was a minor and said otherwise) in order to provoke a hate mob from other creator’s being called out for grooming. I’m 100% for jail time if you purposely lie about your age as a minor to invade adult spaces in order to fabricate a serious crime. Especially if it leads to irl consequences of the innocent adult.

Inquisitor Ghost’s story is a grim reminder of the dark side of the internet. It emphasizes the need for empathy, kindness, and understanding in the virtual world we inhabit. As we mourn his loss, let us also reflect on how we can make the internet a safer space for all.

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