Central Toronto Academy Lockdown Today: Report of Armed Person Near School in Ontario

On November 10, 2023, at approximately 12:25 p.m., Central Toronto Academy, formerly known as Central Commerce Collegiate Institute, went into lockdown following reports of a person with a gun in the vicinity. This incident sparked concerns about the safety and security of students and faculty at the school. Law enforcement swiftly responded to the situation to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

Lockdown at Central Toronto Academy

Central Toronto Academy, located near Harbor Street and Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood, was placed under lockdown as a precautionary measure. The school’s administration and staff quickly implemented their emergency protocols to ensure the safety of students and faculty members. The presence of law enforcement agencies during the lockdown reassured the community that every effort was being made to neutralize any potential threat.

Response from Law Enforcement

Toronto Police Department officers were dispatched to Central Toronto Academy following reports of an armed individual in the area. Law enforcement personnel worked diligently to assess the situation, secure the premises, and investigate the reported presence of a person with a gun. Their prompt response demonstrated their commitment to maintaining public safety and protecting the educational environment.

Lack of Firearm Found

Despite the initial reports, no firearm was located during the investigation at Central Toronto Academy. It is crucial to acknowledge that such incidents can cause anxiety and disrupt the normal functioning of educational institutions. Law enforcement agencies take these reports seriously, ensuring thorough investigations are conducted to ascertain the veracity of the claims.

Similar Incidents in Toronto

This incident follows other recent incidents involving reports of individuals carrying firearms near schools in downtown Toronto. In one case, a lockdown was triggered at two schools due to a person carrying a toy gun, highlighting the sensitivity surrounding these types of situations. The authorities must balance the need for caution with the importance of maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment.


The lockdown at Central Toronto Academy due to reports of an armed person near the school illustrates the importance of vigilance and preparedness in educational settings. The swift response from law enforcement agencies and the cooperation of the school administration helped ensure the safety of students and staff. It serves as a reminder that proactive measures are necessary to address potential threats and maintain a secure learning environment for all.

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