How did Chris Leitch die? NZ Politician’s Cause of Death Revealed

Chris Leitch, the famous politician from New Zealand and the veteran leader of the Social Credit Party, died earlier today after a long health battle. Read on to learn how did NZ politician Chris Leitch die, what happened to him, and what was the cause of his death.

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Leitch was a widely recognized politician as well as an activist from Whangārei. He was known for fighting for the causes that he believed in. He was also an avid fan of ballroom dancing which gained him international recognition and his own dance studio.

Who was Chris Leitch?

Christopher John Leitch a.k.a Chris Leitch was a renowned politician from New Zealand. Born in 1953/1954, the Whangārei man was the leader of the Social Credit party from 2018 until his death on January 20, 2023.

Leitch first got involved with the party in 1972, around twenty years after the party was founded in 1953. He had held almost every position in the party and was awarded life membership of Social Credit in 2012.

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Leitch was a key man of the political party and continued to fight for the causes he believed in. Just last year, he filed a petition to the Government asking to keep the Marsden Pt Oil Refinery operational.

He also led energetic campaigns lately to keep New Zealand out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to stop Chinese finance of infrastructure in Northland, and to stop government mandates preventing the employment of New Zealand public servants.

How did Chris Leitch die?

Chris Leitch died on Friday, January 20, 2023. He was 70 at the time of his death. The acclaimed politician passed away on Friday morning after a long health battle with neck cancer. It’s unknown when he was diagnosed with the disease but he was getting treatment for it lately.

The unfortunate news of Chris Leitch’s death was confirmed by New Zealand Herald after rumors about the tragedy surfaced on social media.

“Social Credit leader Chris Leitch, from Whangārei, dies aged 70,” reported the national media outlet. Several other local as well as international media outlets covered the news and #RIPChrisLeitch became a top trend worldwide.

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Chris Leitch dead: What was his cause of death?

Chris Leitch died of neck cancer on Friday at the age of 70. For context, neck cancer is a group of malignant cells in the throat that could be often life-threatening. Symptoms can be seen in the mouth, sinuses, nose, or throat.

They include a sore or lump that doesn’t heal, a persistent sore throat, trouble swallowing, and changes in the voice. Smoking is a big risk factor for neck cancer. It’s not known if Leitch used to smoke but the official cause of his death was neck cancer.

Chris Leitch Obituary, Funeral, and Tributes

An obituary for Chris Leitch from his family is awaited at this time while a digital one has been published online in New Zealand Herald. The funeral services are pending at this time. We are waiting for his family to confirm the schedule before updating it here.

Tributes for the late politician are appearing on social media. People remember him as a highly influential man who was always there for his nation.

Chris Leitch is survived by his wife Anne, son Andrew Leitch, step-daughters Tracey and Darian, and brother Tim Leitch.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and other loved ones during these tough times. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.

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