Christina Gourkni, Kim Kardashian lookalike model, dies: Know everything about her death

Christina Gourkni, a famous OnlyFans model who was popularly known for being a Kim Kardashian lookalike, passed away unexpectedly on April 20, 2023, aged 34. Her unfortunate passing has left everyone known to her in a state of pain as they mourn the death of their beloved Christina Gourkni. Keep reading this article as it contains all necessary information about the Kim Kardashian lookalike model, how she died, and more!

Who was Christina Gourkni? 

Christina Gourkni, whose full name was Christina Ashten Gourkani, was a well-known name on the popular content subscription service platform, Only Fans, which is based in the United Kingdom.

Christina was popularly known for being a lookalike of famous American personality, Kim Kardashian. She eventually became famous after she underwent surgeries to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. 

How did Christina Gourkni die?

Famous OnlyFans model and Kim Kardashian look-alike, Christina Gourkni, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday morning, April 20, 2023, at 34 years of age.

According to reports, Christina Gourkni was pronounced dead at a hospital in California after suffering a massive cardiac arrest during surgery. Her unexpected and tragic passing is currently being investigated as a homicide related to a medical procedure. Further information about the OnlyFans model’s passing will be released later.

Family reacts on Christina Gourkni’s death

Responding to the unfortunate death of famous OnlyFans model Christina Gourkni, her family said, It is with deep sorrow and an immensely heavy broken heart that we have to share the most shattering, unfortunate, and unexpected passing of our beautiful beloved daughter and sister, Christina Ashten Gourkani.”

“In the early morning hours at approximately 4:30 am on April 20, 2023, our family received a tragic phone call from a family member who was frantically screaming and crying on the other end of the line. Ashten is dying. Ashten is dying. A phone call that instantly shattered our world and will forever haunt our family for the rest of our lives,” it concluded.

We express our heartfelt sympathies to the family, friends, and all loved ones of the late Christina Gourkni. Her sudden passing is a huge loss for everyone known to her, and we pray to God to give them the strength to pass through this difficult time. May God let Christina’s departed soul rest easy on the wings of eternity.

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Who was Christina Gourkni?

Christina Gourkni was a well-known name on the popular content subscription service platform, Only Fans. She was quite popular for being a Kim Kardashian lookalike.

How did Christina Gourkni die?

According to reports, famous OnlyFans model and Kim Kardashian lookalike Christina Gourkni passed away on April 20, 2023, at 34 years of age. Her cause of death was a cardiac arrest she suffered during surgery in California.

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