Como Duntha Death: Coach Como Duntha, A Lake Como Legend, Texas has died

The community of Lake Como, Texas, is mourning the loss of one of its cherished figures. Lamarcus Green, also known as Coach Como Duntha, passed away recently, leaving a void in the heart of the community he served so passionately.

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Who was Como Duntha?

Lamarcus Green, better known as Coach Como Duntha or Doonte, was a beloved figure in Lake Como, Texas, particularly in the Fort Worth area. His dedication to his community and his passion for mentoring the youth set him apart and earned him the respect and admiration of many. His impact on his community was such that he was often referred to as a ‘Lake Como Legend’. gif maker 85

How did Como Duntha die? Know more about his Cause of Death

The details surrounding Coach Como Duntha’s death are still emerging, and the cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed at the time of writing. His passing was sudden and unexpected, causing deep sadness among those who knew him and benefited from his guidance.

As of now, the cause of Como Duntha’s death remains undisclosed. It is always painful to lose someone unexpectedly, and the lack of information can add to the grief. As we await further updates, it is important to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.

Como Duntha Obituary

Lamarcus Green, or Como Duntha, will be remembered for his service to his community and his unwavering commitment to mentoring the youth of Lake Como. He was a beacon of hope and a role model for many, demonstrating through his actions the power of dedication, hard work, and community spirit.

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He was all the kid’s favorite Coach and everybody’s baby daddy…this is a BIG LOSS for Lake Como!💜💛💜💛

His passing is a significant loss to the community he loved so dearly. His legacy, however, will continue to inspire those he touched, reminding them of the difference one person can make when they pour their heart into their community.

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Damn this some crazy news I just heard RIP Dunta Original Como baby not to mention you was just in my video earlier this year. Fly high and get your rest bro 🕊️🕊️🙏🏾💙

The death of Como Duntha is undoubtedly a great loss to the Lake Como community. His dedication and passion for mentoring the youth will be sorely missed. As we mourn his passing, we also celebrate his life and the positive impact he made on those around him.

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