Colin From Accounts Filming Locations: Behind the scenes of Australian comedy

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Have you ever wondered where the classic Australian parody series, Colin from Accounts, was filmed? If so, you’re not alone. This beloved show has been delighting audiences for years with its wry humor and offbeat take on office life. And while we may never know exactly what goes on behind closed doors at the fictional accounting firm of “CPA & Associates,” we do know that much of the show was shot on location around Australia.

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable filming locations used by the cast and crew of this classic Aussie comedy.

What is Colin From Accounts Series

Colin From Accounts is the latest Australian comedy series available on BINGE, brought to you by creator and writer Patrick Brammall along with Harriet Dyer. The show premiered on December 1st with eight whole episodes, all ready to stream simultaneously for instant gratification when it comes to your comedy needs.

Storyline & cast of the show:

The popular star cast in the show is Harriet Dyer as Ashley and Patrick Brammall as Gordon. As per Wikipedia all of the show cast is as mentioned below:

Collin from Account is light-hearted comedy series, it revolves around the single and complex people Ashley & Gordon who met each other through a car accident, and the dog gets injured in the accident. Their life is fun and the whole tale brings us a lot of moments to laugh at. The fun is watching their bravery in reality which brings them through their lives together.

Colin From Accounts Filming Locations In Australia

The Aussie comedy series Colin from accounts was shot during the covid pandemic in Sydney in early 2021. Filming locations are predicted to be around Sydney.

The CPA & Associates Office Building:
While many episodes were filmed in studio sets located in Sydney and other major cities, there is one iconic building that appears in almost every episode, the CPA & Associates office building. Located in North Sydney, this art deco building has been standing since 1930 and provides an appropriate backdrop for Colin’s misadventures in accounting. It also serves as a great example of how old-world charm can be preserved even amidst a bustling metropolis like Sydney.

Bondi Beach
Another popular filming location is Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s most famous beaches and home to many celebrities and business moguls. In one memorable scene from season two, Colin takes a break from his job to take part in a beach volleyball tournament. While he ultimately fails at winning any prizes (he gets sand kicked into his face during the final match), it’s still a fun reminder of why Bondi Beach attracts so many visitors each year.

The Outback
No discussion about filming locations would be complete without mentioning Australia’s vast outback region – an area filled with stunning scenery and wildlife that can only be found Down Under. In season four, Colin makes an ill-fated road trip across the outback in search of his missing wallet – only to discover that it had been stolen by kangaroos! While his plight may have seemed farcical, it provided viewers with an entertaining glimpse into this often-overlooked corner of Australia.

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From North Sydney to Bondi Beach to the Outback, Colin from Accounts certainly covered some ground during its five-season run! Whether you simply want to relive some fond memories or are just discovering this classic Aussie comedy for the first time, exploring these iconic filming locations will provide you with an insight into this timeless show and maybe even make you chuckle along the way!

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What is Colin From Accounts Series

Colin From Accounts is the latest Australian comedy series available on BINGE, brought to you by creator and writer Patrick Brammall along with Harriet Dyer

Colin From Accounts Filming Locations

Colin from Accounts series was filmed during the covid pandemic in 2021, most of the filming location is in Sydney, Australia.

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