How did Deirdre Purcell die ? What happened? Know more About her

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Deirdre Purcell, one of Ireland’s most renowned contemporary novelists, has passed away suddenly. Her death occurred today at her home in Mornington, Co Meath. She was 77 years old.

How did Deirdre Purcell die ?

Deirdre Purcell was a much loved novelist and RTÉ news presenter who sadly passed away on February 13, 2023 at the age of 77. Her family publicly announced her passing on social media, though no cause of death was provided. Both friends and fans alike shared their condolences on various platforms, taking to Twitter and other forms of social media to express how much Purcell had meant to them. An avid reader of her work can immediately tell just how much she dedicated herself to her craft, something which is now left behind as an unforgettable legacy. The depth in which she moved people through her writings is one that will live on even despite her passing, making it clear that Deirdre Purcell’s impact will be felt for years to come.

Who was Deirdre Purcell ?

Deirdre Purcell was born in Dublin in 1945 and attended Gortnor Abbey in County Mayo. Her strong work ethic, which permeated her life and career, has been attributed to the nuns she met at school. Before becoming a journalist, Purcell had starred in some of the Abbot Theatre’s productions, notably as Christine in Drama at Inish, Miss Frost in The Ginger Man’s adaption for the stage as well as Pegeen Mike in The Playboy of the Western World. On top of acting, she had gained successes such as two awards – The Cross and Benson & Hedges – for her works as a print and television journalist. Purcell was a resident of West Cork’s Beara Peninsula before hosting All About the Music on RTÉ Lyric FM since October 2009 and “It Says in Tone of Voice: Explain” prior to that.

Novels of Deirdre Purcel

Deirdre Purcell is an acclaimed novelist, who has written twelve novels to date, all of which have been bestsellers in her native Ireland. Her novels feature an array of characters and themes that appeal to a wide range of readers. Two of her most popular works are Pearl (2015) and The Winter Gathering (2014). Beyond these two were The Christmas Voyage (2016), Tell Me Your Secret (2006), The Husband (2016), A Place of Stones (2016), Falling for a Dancer (1993), and Love Like Hate Adore (2019). Every novel is carefully crafted with vivid plots, well-developed characters, and powerful messages delivered throughout the narrative structure. Deirdre Purcell’s writing stands out among contemporary authors due to its depth and authenticity.

  • A Place of Stones (1991)
  • That Childhood Country (1992)
  • Falling for a Dancer (1993)
  • Ashes of Roses (1994)
  • Francey (1995)
  • Roses After Rain (1996)
  • Sky (1996)
  • Love Like Hate Adore (1997)
  • Billy and Jesus Are Off to Barcelona (1999)
  • Entertaining Ambrose (2001)
  • Has Anyone Here Seen Larry? (2002)
  • Marble Gardens (2002)
  • Last Summer in Arcadia (2003)
  • Children of Eve (2005)
  • Tell Me Your Secret (2006)
  • The secret (2006)
  • Somewhere in Between (2007)
  • Jesus and Billy Are Off to Barcelona (2008)
  • Days We Remember (2008)

Tribute pours to Deirdre Purcell death

User wrote

I’m deeply saddened to hear of Deirdre’s passing. She was one of my favourite authors, may her lovely soul rest peacefully in peace.

another wrote

Ahh no. May she rest in peace. I loved her book ‘Falling for a dancer’ and the follow up ‘Francie’. Brilliant author.

User wrote

Rip Deirdre Purcell, a lovely person, we met her when she had her home in that colourful West Cork village of Eyeries some years back. I loved her soft tone on the radio always.

user wrote

Very sad to hear of the passing of Deirdre Purcell on Dad’s passing. She was a great supporter of his and would write about him very knowingly, as she did for the Irish Daily Mail just after his passing in 2011.

user wrote

Hello m’dears. I took this beautiful photo of my beautiful, beloved friend Deirdre Purcell, a few weeks ago. Deirdre passed away this morning. She was a wonderful writer, journalist, and broadcaster. But her greatest gift was friendship. She was like an older sister to me. I can’t believe she’s gone. May she Rest In Peace.

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