Doriana Temolo Death: Former news Director at Global National Television Passed Away

The sudden and unexpected death of Doriana Temolo has left many in shock and mourning. The former news director at Global National Television was confirmed dead today, Tuesday, November 1, 2023. Her passing leaves a significant void in the world of Canadian broadcasting.

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Who was Doriana Temolo?

Doriana Temolo was an influential figure in Canadian media, respected for her work as the News Director at Global National Television. Known for her leadership and dedication, she touched many lives during her illustrious career.

Doriana Temolo Career

Temolo was not just an employee in the newsroom; she was a leader, a mentor, and a legend. Her influence on Canadian broadcasting was profound, shaping the industry and inspiring many who now work within it. From budding journalists to seasoned professionals, many attribute their success to Temolo’s guidance and encouragement. Her legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations in the field of broadcasting.

How did Doriana Temolo die? Know more about her Cause of Death

The details surrounding Doriana Temolo’s sudden death remain unclear. The news of her passing came as a shock to many, leaving hearts scarred and questions unanswered.

The cause of Temolo’s death has not been disclosed as of now. As her family, friends, and colleagues grapple with this tragic loss, further details about her passing are awaited.

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Lost a colleague today. A friend. She was my point person in Vancouver… my main contact with assignment for a decade and a half. I’ve been to a bunch of places in the world, but always at their worst. When we get there, we tend to show up with cash, and pay locals to help us. A few times, our “fixers” (great people, several are my Facebook friends) would say “I hope to see you again”. I always answer that no — if I come back, that means things have hit the fan again. But a few times, I’ve had people say how much they appreciated the fact we gave them work when things were terrible. Whether it was a disaster or a war, they were out of work *(no one was working) and we/Global were paying them cash every day. “Look at things here! God sent you!”… and I answered, “God didn’t send me. Doriana sent me.”I’m 22 years into Global National. Doriana Temolo was a founder… a friend… I’ll go as far to say a mother to many of us. (She had the nights on the couch worrying about us.) When she retired, I’m happy to say we closed the bars in Ottawa… and she almost cancelled meeting everyone in Toronto the next day. ;)-=-==-=–=I’ll tack on a second story… When Nathalie was pregnant with our second son, we were stuck on a name. We each had a shortlist, but neither of us agreed with any on the other’s *(awful) list.One day, I was on the phone with Doriana Temolo… as happened every frigging day…. “Doriana,” I said. “Your husband’s name is Mike, right?”“Yes,” she said. “And your son’s name is Jacob, right? Like mine?” “Yes.”“Um,” I paused for a moment. “What’s your daughter’s name?”“Justine.’Well, the next day, I called her and explained that if our families knew each other, or if she lived closer (than the other side of the country) I wouldn’t do this… but Nathalie and I agreed that we both loved the name Justin.All positive thoughts are being redirected to her Mike… her Jacob… and her Justine.

Doriana Temolo Obituary

Doriana Temolo’s sudden departure is a significant loss to the world of Canadian broadcasting. She will be remembered for her immense contributions to the industry, her leadership, and the positive impact she had on those around her.

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Today we lost a great one. Doriana Temolo, you were a trailblazer, even though you wouldn’t say that you were.I so enjoyed reconnecting with you in recent years, and grabbing lunch – talking about our “news” days, your kids, and all things Italy. You will be missed. ♥️

As we mourn her passing, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Doriana’s family, friends, and all who were fortunate enough to know her. Her memory will live on in the hearts of those she touched and through the lasting impact of her work.

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