Dr Alfred Valles and Wife Selina Valles died in Accident : Know More About The Incidence

In a tragic turn of events, renowned heart doctor Alfred Valles and his wife Selina Valles were killed in a car accident last weekend. The crash occurred a few blocks north of the intersection of Champlain around 9:30 p.m.

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Victims Identified

The victims of the crash were identified as 50-year-old Alfred Valles and his 46-year-old wife Selina Valles. The couple was well-known and respected within the Fresno community, leaving their friends, family, and patients in shock and mourning

Community Reaction

The sudden loss of the beloved couple has sent shockwaves through the Fresno community. Patients and colleagues of Dr. Valles are left to grapple with the untimely demise of a dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider.

Investigation Underway

Investigations into the cause of the tragic accident are currently underway5. As the community mourns the loss of the Valles couple, many are also seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident.

Remembering Dr. Alfred and Selina Valles

Dr. Alfred Valles was not only a renowned heart doctor but also a cherished member of the Fresno community. His wife, Selina Valles, was equally loved by all who knew her6. Their absence will be deeply felt by all those whose lives they touched.

“Their lives were cut short, but their legacy will live on in the hearts of those they helped and loved.”

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