Drag Racer Chris “Cannon” Hannam Motorcycle Accident: Know His Cause of death, Obituary

The drag racing community has been shaken to its core with the tragic news of the passing of Chris “Cannon” Hannam. The news of his unexpected death has left everyone in shock and mourning. As a drag racer, Chris was much more than just a skilled competitor. He was a respected friend to many and a passionate advocate for everything he believed in. In this article, we take a look back at Chris’s life and celebrate the legacy he leaves behind.

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Who was Chris Hannam?

Chris Hannam was born in the UK and grew up with a passion for all things on wheels. From his early years, he was fascinated with motorcycles, and this passion followed him throughout his life. Chris became a skilled engineer and a drag racer who would go on to compete in some of the most prestigious competitions worldwide. His love of racing saw him win multiple awards and accolades, including several British championships.

In business and in his personal life, Chris was a beloved figure who touched the lives of everyone he met. He was known for his unwavering support, wisdom, and dedication to the causes he believed in. He was a fierce advocate for everything Cobb and Jagger, and his dedication knew no bounds. In addition to his work as a drag racer, Chris was also a skilled engineer who worked on some of the most remarkable machines in the industry.

Drag Racer Chris Hannam Accident: What was the cause of Chris Hannam death?

According to the social media post, Chris `Cannon’ Hannam has passed away following a motorcycle accident in Spain. At this moment, the exact cause of Chris Hannam death remains undisclosed. The uncertainty surrounding his passing has added an extra layer of sadness to the already heavy hearts of those who loved and admired him. The racing world waits for answers while grappling with the reality of his absence.

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Despite his extensive accomplishments, Chris always remained humble and kind. He was approachable and never too busy to speak with fans and fellow racers, offering advice and support wherever he could. His love for the sport and his passion for racing brought him a vast circle of friends, both among colleagues in the industry and in personal friendships.

Chris Hannam Obituary

In the wake of Chris Hannam’s passing, the drag racing community has lost more than just a skilled racer. They have lost a kind, compassionate, and dedicated human being. His legacy will be remembered for many years, and his impact on the industry will not be forgotten. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends in this challenging time. Rest in peace, Chris “Cannon” Hannam, and thank you for all that you brought to the sport of drag racing.

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Ducati Leeds
Tonight we bear the heaviest of hearts. Our friend Chris Hannam ( Cannon ) sadly passed today whilst in Spain. This has been shocking news to us at Ducati Leeds, a personal friend to Charlie for over 30 years, a massive advocate for everything Cobb and Jagger, a pillar of strength in business and friendship to so many of us, you may not have always liked what he had to say, but you always listened! He had so many friends at Leeds, both colleagues in the business and personal friendships through his love of everything 2 wheeled. We will miss you big guy RIP Chris, you will always hold a special place in our hearts 💕

Condolences Shared On Social Media

The news of Chris’s sudden passing has been met with profound sadness by the drag racing community. Tributes have poured in from fans and fellow racers, highlighting his dedication to racing, his exceptional skills on the track, and the kind human being that he was. At Ducati Leeds, where Chris was a frequent visitor, the news of his passing has been particularly challenging. He had forged deep and meaningful friendships with many at the dealership, and his presence will be missed immensely.

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Georgia Waterhouse
So today we’ve had some tragic tragic news, My heart aches so bad writing this but unfortunately we lost our amazing Chris Hannam in a motorbike accident this afternoon in Spain😪 I’ve so much to thank you for I don’t even know where to begin.. To the man who always believed in me and backed me up no matter what choices I made and never ever gave up on me. Thank you for stepping up when you really didn’t need too and never letting me down. Thank you for being the best step dad I could have ever ever dreamed of, I’ll miss you and I’ll love you forever and ever💔
lots of love, Chicken 😭💖

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