Erica Delgado Death : Know More About Her Life

The world has been struck by the shocking news of the sudden death of Erica Delgado, a former athlete and University of Michigan alumna. Her unexpected passing has left her family, friends, and the wider community in shock and mourning.

Who Was Erica Delgado?

Erica Delgado was a longstanding resident of Los Angeles, California, known for her vibrant spirit and impressive achievements. As a former athlete and twirler at the University of Michigan, she held a special place in the hearts of her fellow alumni and the wider university community.

What was her Cause of Death?

As of now, the exact cause of Erica Delgado’s death remains undisclosed. Her passing was sudden and unexpected, leaving her loved ones and the wider community in a state of shock.

UMBAA is saddened to share the passing of Erica Delgado (Twirler, 2005-2008) on September 25. Erica’s family has shared funeral arrangements for any alums who may wish to attend: Services on Friday, October 13, 2023 at:Calvary Catholic Cemetery4201 Whittier Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90023Visitation will be from 9-11am, with grave site service immediately to follow.Erica will be greatly missed, and her contributions to the twirler section and the MMB will live on in her absence.

Erica Delgado Achievements

Erica Delgado left a significant mark during her time at the University of Michigan. Her skills as a twirler were admired by many, and her legacy continues to inspire the university community. The U-Mich Band Alumni Association (UMBAA) recognized her contributions, further highlighting her impact.

Tributes have peen poured on social media

With the news of Erica’s untimely demise, tributes have poured in from all corners. Her family, friends, and the wider community have taken to social media platforms to express their grief and share memories of Erica

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