Eva Fahidi Dies: Hungarian Holocaust & Dancer Passed Away at 97

The world is mourning Eva Fahidi, an extraordinary Holocaust survivor and author who passed away on September 11th at the age of 97. Fahidi dedicated her life to sharing her experiences in Auschwitz and advocating for remembrance of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Fahidi was born in 1925 into an affluent Jewish family in Debrecen, Hungary. In 1944, she was deported along with her family to Auschwitz at just 18 years old. Her mother and sister were murdered in the gas chambers, while Fahidi was forced into slave labor.

Despite enduring horrific trauma, Fahidi demonstrated tremendous resilience. After being liberated in 1945, she channelled her experiences into educating others about the Holocaust through her writing.

Fahidi authored numerous books recounting her memories of Auschwitz and the horrors inflicted on its victims. Her vivid storytelling granted readers worldwide a poignant window into the terrors faced by Jews during the Holocaust.

Her commitment to remembrance also took the form of dance later in life. At age 90, Fahidi commemorated the anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation with a dance performance oozing with joy and life, showcasing the power of the human spirit.

Fahidi’s death at 97 represents a monumental loss. But her unrelenting spirit and tireless work to uphold the memory of the Holocaust will continue impacting generations to come.

Tributes to Fahidi’s remarkable life poured in from Holocaust memorial institutions, authors, and human rights advocates. “Her passion for educating the world about the horrors she witnessed was truly inspirational,” the Auschwitz Memorial tweeted.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák honored Fahidi, stating: “Her life is proof that human strength can prevail even in the face of the greatest evil.”

Fahidi showed the world that light can still emerge from darkness, and hope can rise from despair. As we mourn this guiding light, we also celebrate her tenacity and her life’s work shining the spotlight on an unimaginably painful history so that it may never repeat. Eva Fahidi’s bravery, humanity and uncompromising voice will echo for eternity.

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