Fashion Designer Isaiah Bass Goes Missing As Balenciaga Mannequin Resembles Him: Know More

A black fashion designer from Houston, Isaiah Bass, went missing after being invited to fly to Paris by the fashion giant Balenciaga. He had accused the company of stealing his design. Reports surface that a mannequin resembling Isaiah Bass was seen at Balenciaga’s storefront.

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The internet is concerned about the fashion designer as the disturbing story of Isaiah Bass goes viral. Balenciaga hasn’t come out with a statement yet. Here’s everything you need to know about Isaiah Bass’s missing case and his mannequin at the Balenciaga Paris store.

Who is Isaiah Bass?

Isaiah Bass is a famous fashion designer and TikTok star from Houston, U.S. He was a highly skilled individual in the industry as his designs were admired by a wide range of people. He often shared his work on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and others.

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This helped him turn into a fashion influencer as he gained a large number of followers. Isaiah usually worked as a freelancer and created his own designs. However, he also worked for certain big brands sometimes on a contractual basis.

What Happened to fashion designer Isaiah Bass?

Houston-based fashion designer Isaiah Bass went missing after accusing Balenciaga of stealing his recent design ideas. His unique designs always helped him get well-deserved recognition. However, Balenciaga allegedly stole his designs for their latest collection.

As per the reports, Isaiah Bass created a video and sent an email to Balenciaga reporting the issue and they apologized to him for that. He was then invited to fly to Paris and visit the Balenciaga store there. However, Isaiah Bass went missing just after that.


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Nobody knows his current whereabouts. The Houston police are reportedly searching for him but the Internet has a different theory to the case. Netizens believe that Balenciaga might have played a role in Isaiah Bass’ missing case.
Isaiah Bass Missing and the Mannequin at Balenciaga Paris Store
An online report claims that Isaiah Bass was seen at a Balenciaga Paris storefront as a black mannequin. Netizens believe that Balenciaga called the black fashion designer to their store and turned him into a mannequin for one of their collections.

This wild theory is backed by the fact that Isaia Bass went missing just after he was set to fly to Paris as Balenciaga had invited him and a mannequin highly resembling him was seen at Balenciaga’s store.

Since then, this viral theory is trending that Isaiah Bass was converted into a mannequin by Balenciaga after the designer accused the company of stealing his designs.

What did Balenciaga say about Isaiah Bass missing?

Missing reports of Isaiah Bass are trending on social media platforms as Balenciaga is being accused of having a role in the case. However, the fashion giant hasn’t responded to the reports yet. They haven’t provided a statement about Bass’ missing at this time.

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It’s known that the video Isaiah Bass created accusing Balenciaga of stealing his jacket designs went viral. So, the fashion company had to come up with a settlement and that’s why they apologized and invited Bass to Paris.

No one knows what happened after that. This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted on further developments. Please pray for the well-being of Isaiah Bass. We hope he is found soon.

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