Frank Farian, Renowned German Singer, Songwriter and Producer, has died

The music industry is in mourning following the sad news of the passing of Frank Farian, the creator of renowned musical groups Milli Vanilli and Boney M. His family confirmed his death on Tuesday, leaving fans and colleagues worldwide in shock and deep sorrow.

Who was Frank Farian?

Born Franz Reuther in 1941 in western Germany, Frank Farian was a talented singer, songwriter, and producer who left an indelible mark on the global music scene. He began his career as a solo performer while training to become a chef, but it was his creation of the disco vocal trio Boney M in 1976 that first catapulted him to significant fame.

Frank Farian Career

Farian’s contribution to the music industry was immense. He was the mastermind behind the success of two major music bands, Milli Vanilli and Boney M. Despite the different paths to fame these bands took, both owe their success to Farian’s creativity and musical genius.

Frank Farian

R.I.P. FRANK FARIAN 1941 – 2024We are very sad to announce the passing of the legendary music producer Frank Farian, who left us today at the age of 82. Frank is mostly known as founder/producer of Boney M., Eruption, Far Corporation, Milli Vanilli, No Mercy and La Bouche and is the most succesful German music producer ever. In 2022 Frank Farian had a heart surgery. Since then his health went downhill. Frank lost weight, sat in a wheelchair and had trouble with breathing an speaking, Frank’s former partner and employee Ingrid ‘Milli’ Segieth visited Frank on New Year’s Eve and said he was doing OK under the circumstances. Because of problems with his lungs he needed a ventilator, which made it hard for him to speak.Frank Farian was working on new music of No Mercy and Milli Vanilli and he was planning the production of a new musical. Next to that he was working on a six-part TV streaming series about his musical legacy. These projects will now be finished by the Frank Farian Foundation. The Frank Farian Foundation will continue Frank’s work and develop new talents in the future. We wish Frank’s family, and especially his children all the strength they need in these hard times.

How Did Frank Farian Die?

Frank Farian passed away peacefully in his Miami apartment. His death came two years after undergoing a life-saving procedure to replace his heart valve with a pig heart valve, due to his own becoming less effective with age.

What was the Cause of Frank Farian Death?

Farian’s health reportedly deteriorated after the heart valve replacement surgery, despite his insistence that he was doing well. He had lost a significant amount of weight and was dealing with lung issues, which necessitated the use of a wheelchair and breathing equipment.

Frank Farian Obituary

As we mourn the loss of Frank Farian, we also celebrate his life and the incredible impact he had on the world of music. A gifted musician, a visionary producer, and a cherished colleague, Farian’s legacy will continue to inspire countless artists and music lovers worldwide.

Blank & Jones

L E G E N D 🖤we are very sad to learn about the passing of germany’s music legend that is FRANK FARIAN! we not only grew up with his Boney M productions, but were also very honored to remix three of his classic productions back in 2015: “Sunny”, “Ma Baker” and “Nightflight To Venus”. TV Station RTL also asked to to be part of “Pop Legenden: Boney M” in the same year. Check out his music & legacy on “DIAMONDS” incl our three remixes…

Our deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace, and may his music continue to bring joy to generations to come.

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