Frank Thomas Death: A Case of Mistaken Identity

In a recent turn of events, the death of a former Major League Baseball player named Frank Thomas has been misreported, leading to confusion and controversy.

The Incident

Earlier this year, former Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder and three-time MLB All-Star Frank Thomas died at the age of 93. However, in a recent ‘In Memoriam’ segment, Fox News mistakenly reported the death of another baseball legend with the same name, Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas.

The Correction

Upon realizing the error, Fox News issued an immediate correction. However, the damage had been done, and the incident led to a wave of relief and outrage among fans and players alike.

Response from Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas

Baseball Hall of Famer Frank ‘The Big Hurt’ Thomas, who is very much alive, responded to the erroneous report on his supposed death. He called out the news network for its irresponsibility, expressing his frustration over the news that caused unnecessary panic among his family, friends, and fans.


This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for rigorous fact-checking in news reporting. While mistakes can happen, they can have far-reaching consequences, especially when they involve matters as serious as a person’s death.

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