Frisco Fair Shooting and Human Stampede Today: Here’s the Latest Update

A scary shooting and multi-person brawl took place at the Frisco Fresh Market Fair, TX, on Saturday night, followed by a human stampede. Here’s everything about the shooting at the Frisco Fair today that shook the state as the police continue their investigation.

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Initial reports claimed that two people were arrested for the shooting that took place at the Frisco Fair while a person was declared dead. However, the official update from the police denied those reports but the onlookers are stating otherwise. Let’s check out the latest update.

Frisco Fair Shooting & Brawl Today: What Happened?

A freak shooting and human stampede were reported from the Frisco Fresh Market Fair, Texas, on Saturday, April 29, 2023. Onlookers reported hearing multiple gunshots as viral footage from the area emerged revealing people running and trying to escape the area in haste.

According to the initial reports that are not yet confirmed, two people have been arrested in relation to the Frisco Fair shooting today and one person has been reported dead. The reports claim that the person was shot dead at an apartment located in the Silverado Apartment Complex near 7:30 PM.

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The officers from the Frisco Police Department responded to reports of a person who was shot dead. He was later identified as Corey Demon Mack, 20, from Frisco. He was rushed to the nearby medical facility where the doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival.
Corey Demon Mack, 20, Reportedly Shot Dead in Frisco Fair Shooting
Update: This report has turned out to be false upon further investigation.

The reports claim that a 20-year-old Frisco resident, Corey Demon Mack, was shot dead in the shooting that took place on Saturday night. He was present at the fair with two other individuals named Justin Jamaul Broadnax, 26, and Hannah Michelle Bond, 19, at an apartment.

An argument started among the three people which later escalated to a physical confrontation as per the witnesses’ statement. This led to Broadnax taking out a gun and firing at Mack. Following the shooting, Broadnax and Bond escaped the building through the crowd.

The police have allegedly issued a warrant for their arrest and the investigators are on the lookout for the two shooters. The specific cause behind the shooting and death of Corey Demon Mack is not known at this time.

Frisco Police Denies Reports of Shooting at Frisco Fair

The Frisco Police Department posted a tweet on Sunday morning stating that the reports about the Frisco Fair shooting today are being reported inaccurately on social media. You can take a look at their post below:

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However, the viral videos coming out of the Frisco Fair show people running and trying to flee the area as large noises are made. You can clearly listen to people shouting about the shooting, brawl, and stampede situation if you pay close attention to the clip.

Onlookers Confirm Shooting at Frisco Fair Today

Several onlookers who were present at the Frisco Fair on Saturday night responded to the Frisco Police Department’s tweet and confirmed that an uncontrolled situation took place around the said date and time.

One user tweeted a video under the police’s tweet and claimed that multiple gunshots were heard and people were arrested by the police for getting indulged in the brawl.

Another user tweeted that the police officers were everywhere around the fair and they were trying to evacuate people safely out of the area.

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One more user responded to the tweet and claimed that the entire thing took place right outside of their window. They heard people running and trying to flee upon hearing the police sirens.

It’s not known if these reports are true as the Frisco Police have claimed that many reports available on social media are reported inaccurately.

Frisco Fair is running in Frisco, Texas, from April 28 to May 14, 2023. The timings are 4 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and 1 PM to 11 PM on weekends. However, the fair was closed early due to the shooting and human stampede on Sunday.

Is Frisco Fair Open Today?

Yes, Frisco Fair is open today and you can go to the festivity without any worries. The police have controlled the situation well and there is nothing to worry about.

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The fair will be open during regular times on Monday but will be closed by 7 PM on Sunday, April 30, 2023. You can visit the Frisco Fresh Market at 9215 John W Elliott Dr. Frisco, TX 75034 to attend the fun fair held in the area.

The fair will be running till May 14, 2023, and you can get your tickets for the celebrations through the official website. It’s an helluva experience if you are in or around Frisco during this time. Don’t miss it.

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