Gal Abdush Video Leaked: A Dark Chapter in Hamas-Israel Conflict

The internet has recently been buzzing with news of a leaked video, featuring a woman named Gal Abdush, which has stirred up controversy and debate. The video, which was leaked on Reddit and has since gone viral, involves a woman in a black dress, and is linked to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Gal Abdush Video Leaked, What Actually Happened?

On October 7th, a massacre took place that shook both Israel and Gaza to their cores. During the interrogation of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist arrested in Gaza, shocking details emerged. The terrorist confessed that he and his troops had not only participated in the massacre but had also committed horrific sexual crimes against the victims before murdering them.

Gal Abdush Leaked Video On Reddit

The leaked video, which features a woman named Gal Abdush, has been circulating on Reddit and other social media platforms. In the video, Abdush is seen in a black dress in a compromised position. The video is believed to be closely tied to the events of the October 7th massacre, adding a new layer of horror to the already gruesome tale.

The Role of Hamas in the October 7 Massacre

According to a report by KAN, Hamas and other terrorist groups employed severe sexual crimes as part of their strategy during the October 7 massacre. Lahav 433, Israel’s top national police force, has been conducting an extensive investigation into these allegations, collecting testimonies from survivors and gathering evidence of these heinous crimes.

A Holocaust survivor recently provided her testimony to the police, recounting the rape she witnessed during the massacre. Her account was later corroborated by another survivor, further solidifying the case against the terrorists.

The New York Times Investigation

On the same day the KAN report was released, The New York Times published an investigation of their own. Their research, which spanned over two months, detailed how Hamas used sexual violence as a weapon during their attack on Israel on October 7. The report underlines the systemic use of brutal sexual violence, further intensifying the severity of the situation.

The Gal Abdush video leak has served to highlight these atrocities to the world, shedding light on the horrific crimes committed during the October 7 massacre. As the world grapples with the reality of these revelations, it remains crucial to pursue justice for the victims and hold the perpetrators accountable.

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