Gillingham stabbing at Wilkinson: 1 Dead, Police Looking for a Suspect

A breaking horrific incident happened today in Gillingham. Just moments ago, the Gillingham police department confirmed that one person has died from a stabbing incident on Wilkinson high street. This senseless act of violence not only affected the family and friends of its victim, but it also left many locals deeply shaken by this terrible news. Read more to know about the incident.

What was the incident is all about

The incident in question took place on Gillingham High Street at approximately 4.55 pm and involved an assault.

Officers from Kent Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service were quickly dispatched to the scene, where they found a teenage boy with injuries consistent with stab wounds.

The boy was subsequently taken to a London hospital for medical care, while the police are currently conducting inquiries to establish the full circumstances of the attack.

At this stage, the identity of the suspect has not been released by investigators.

It is clear that what happened was a traumatic experience for those involved and it is vital that anyone with information about the incident contact Kent Police as soon as possible.

As more details emerge surrounding the suspect or suspects involved and what happened to cause such a heartbreaking loss, our thoughts are with those closest to the victim, as they are struggling to comprehend these events and make sense of their grief.

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