Graham Mortensen, Vice President of Auckland Car Club has died

The motorsport fraternity is mourning the loss of a towering figure, Graham Mortensen, whose sudden passing has left a significant void in the community. A luminary in the realm of motorsports, Mortensen’s contributions and achievements have left an indelible mark that will be remembered for generations to come.

Who was Graham Mortensen: A Luminary in Motorsport

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Graham Mortensen was a remarkable individual whose passion for motorsport began in the early 1970s. His journey in the industry started modestly as a flag and pitlane marshal, reflecting his unwavering dedication to the sport.

Over time, he embraced various volunteer roles, becoming a familiar presence at numerous racing events. His vast involvement and wealth of expertise led to his rise to the esteemed role of a steward, a testament to his extraordinary accomplishments and deep knowledge within the motorsport domain.

A Storied Career in Motorsport

Mortensen’s impactful contributions in the field of motorsport did not go unnoticed. He was the recipient of the prestigious Clerk of the Course D’Honneur Award from MotorSport New Zealand, an accolade that cemented his enduring legacy within the motorsport community.

As the Vice President of the Auckland Car Club, Mortensen played an instrumental role in promoting and fostering the growth of motorsport in the region. His leadership, passion, and dedication have been a source of inspiration for many budding racers and motorsport enthusiasts.

Auckland Car Club

Auckland Car Club has received very sad news of the passing of Graham Mortensen known to most as “Morty”. Morty was a long time volunteer in motorsport and a big part of the Auckland Car Club. Graham served on the executive committee for many years and was a vice president. He donated his time to the sport in many roles including flag marshal, clerk of the course and as a steward. Morty was a life member of the club and was inducted into the Roll of Honour in its first ever ceremony in 2015. Motorsport New Zealand also awarded Graham the Clerk of the Course D’Honneur award in 2022.His contribution to the Auckland Car Club and Motorsport will not be forgotten.Our sincere condolences to his family and all those he leaves behind.

How Did Graham Mortensen Die?

Details surrounding Graham Mortensen’s cause of death have not been disclosed at this time, leaving the community waiting for answers amidst their shared grief. His sudden departure has sparked widespread conversation, leaving behind a wave of shock and mourning.

Graham Mortensen Obituary

As we mourn the loss of Graham Mortensen, we also remember his remarkable contributions to motorsport. His passion, dedication, and indomitable spirit will continue to inspire those who knew him and followed his illustrious career.

Phil Mortensen

It’s with heavy heart an mixed emotions that i am informing you the my dad/poppa Graham Mortensen has passed away this morning..Funeral details will be shared at a later dateDad you are now with mum…xxxxx

Our deepest condolences go out to Mortensen’s family, friends, and the entire Auckland Car Club during this challenging time. May his legacy continue to shine brightly in the realm of motorsport, inspiring future generations to pursue their passion with unwavering dedication and resilience.

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