Hailey Stephens, a Casa Grande Union High School Student, Killed in Shooting

Casa Grande Union High School is mourning the tragic loss of student Hailey Stephens, who was fatally shot at a party on Sunday, November 26, 2023. The incident also left another student injured. This heartbreaking incident has plunged the school community and the city into deep grief.

Who was Hailey Stephens?

Hailey Stephens was a 17-year-old student at Casa Grande Union High School. Known for her vibrant personality and friendly nature, she was beloved by her peers and teachers alike. As news of her untimely death spread, the school community was left in shock and sorrow, mourning the loss of a young life cut short so tragically.

Hailey Stephans Career

As a student at Casa Grande Union High School, Hailey was still in the early stages of her career journey. She was known to be a diligent learner with a bright future ahead. Her untimely demise is not only a loss to her family and friends but also a blow to the potential she had yet to realize.

What Actually Happened to Hailey Stephens?

The incident occurred during a house party held at a vacant residence on Silver Reef Road. An altercation broke out during the party, and shots were fired. Hailey and another student were hit by stray gunfire. The Casa Grande police officers, upon receiving a distress call, arrived promptly at the scene and found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds.

Casa Grande Police Department

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* OFFICIAL UPDATE TO SHOOTING INVESTIGATION *Update to Shooting Investigation Casa Grande, AZ – One of the 17-year-old female victims of today’s shooting has succumbed to her injury. She is identified as Hailey Stephens of Casa Grande. Hailey passed away at a valley hospital at approximately 5:00 p.m. this evening. The other 17-year-old female victim continues to recover from her injury. The Casa Grande Police Department Criminal Investigations Division is asking for assistance in identifying the suspect(s) involved in today’s shooting. Detectives believe many people were present at the party where the shooting occurred. If you know anyone who attended this party or have children who attended this party, we ask you to call the Casa Grande Police Department and speak to a Detective as soon as possible. Any relevant information is useful and appreciated. We are asking anyone with information regarding this party and/or incident to contact Detective Nicholas Elliott immediately at our non-emergency number at (520) 421-8700 #7 or email [email protected]. Tips and information can also be submitted directly to Silent Witness at www.casagrandesilentwitness.com, via the P3 App at www.p3tips.com, or calling them at (520) 836-2100. Any relevant information is useful. ####CasaGrande #SilentWitness

How Did Hailey Stephens Die? Know more about she Cause of Death

Hailey Stephens was pronounced dead at the hospital due to a gunshot wound to the head. The other victim, an unnamed 17-year-old girl, sustained a gunshot wound to her arm and is expected to survive. The police have yet to identify any suspects, and the investigation continues.

Frank Ricci

The Local 3752 Professional Firefighters of Casa Grande, are raising funds to help the Stephens family after their daughter Hailey was tragically injured yesterday. After being transported by a medical flight crew to a trauma center in Phoenix and being on life support in the ICU, Hailey passed away today. Our goal is to assist the Stephens family with the significant medical and funeral expenses. Hailey was an active student that excelled academically and in extra curricular activities. She was truly loved by her family and friends. Please if you can, help support the Stephens family in this time of grief. GoFundMe Page

Hailey Stephens Obituary

In memory of Hailey Stephens, a bright young woman whose life was tragically cut short, we extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends, and the Casa Grande Union High School community. Hailey’s death is a stark reminder of the senseless violence that can shatter lives and communities in an instant.

As the investigation continues, we join the call for anyone with information regarding this incident to contact Detective Nicholas Elliott at the non-emergency number (520) 421-8700 #7 or email [email protected]. Let us work together to ensure justice for Hailey and all victims of such tragic incidents.

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