Harry Reeder Tragic Car Accident, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

The news of the sudden passing of Harry Reeder, the Lead pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, has left many in shock and sadness. To those who knew him, Harry was more than just a pastor, he was a leader, a mentor, a giant in the world of ministry. This article aims to pay tribute to his life and legacy, to remember the impact he had on the people he served, and to offer comfort to those who mourn his loss. Keep reading more..

Who was Harry Reeder?

Harry Reeder was a well-known pastor who devotedly served as the Senior pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church for the past 21 years prior to his death. He was a Presbyterian Church in America and studied Church Revitalization at Reformed Theological Seminary, Pastoral Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, Theology at Covenant College, and History at East Carolina University. Harry’s love for God and his passion for ministry were evident in every aspect of his life. He had a gift of making the Gospel accessible to everyone, and his preaching and teaching impacted tens of thousands of people all across the world.

Harry Reeder was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and was a resident of Birmingham, Alabama where he lived until the time of his death. He was happily married to his loving wife, who he often referred to as his “gift from God.” He served as the Senior pastor at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church before joining Briarwood Presbyterian Church. His love for the church and his commitment to its growth and revitalization were apparent in all his ministries.

What was the cause of Harry Reeder death?

Harry’s sudden passing has left many wondering about the cause of his death. According to a social media post by Briarwood Presbyterian Church, he died following a tragic accident. The details of the accident have not been disclosed, but the church has requested that the privacy of the family be respected during this difficult time. The news of Harry’s passing has been met with an outpouring of grief from members of his congregation, fellow pastors, and Christians all across the world.

Harry Reeder Obituary

Harry Reeder’s legacy will continue to inspire and impact the lives of many. His love for God, his passion for ministry, his commitment to the church, and his belief in the power of the Gospel will be remembered by those who knew him. His passing is a reminder of the fragility of life, and the importance of making the most of the time we have. We offer our condolences to Harry’s family, friends, and congregation, and pray that they will find comfort in the knowledge that he is now with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May we all be inspired by Harry’s life and ministry to continue to spread the Gospel and bring transformation to the world.

Tributes Pour to Harry Reeder On Social Media

Carol Collier

Oh death, you do sting! You will not win, but you sting, Harry Reeder was our first pastor, our first spiritual father, the one who grounded us in the great doctrines, and placed the first bricks of our spiritual foundation. He taught us to love the church and to serve her. He is gone from this earth. He was taken in a car accident this morning and I am stunned. It has been decades since he pastored us, but my heart is broken as I think of the enormous loss to his precious wife Cindy and their children and grandchildren. For now we weep.  For now…

He is safely home. I hope he and Scott have seen each other 💔. Jennifer Reeder-Toomer Hay

Lee Hutchings

Harry Reeder was one of my heroes. A faithful and Christ-like shepherd, a bright and humorous communicator, a needed leader of bold conviction and gospel humility, and a trustworthy and available friend. He was truly one of a kind. Praying for the extended Reeder family, Briarwood Presbyterian, and the greater PCA as we grieve with hope over his sudden passing today. Truly, a prince has fallen in Israel. 2 Samuel 3:38.

Harry’s ministry and influence reached far beyond his immediate congregation. He was a prolific author, speaker, and mentor who inspired many to pursue God’s calling in their lives. He saw the church as a means of spreading the Gospel and bringing transformation to society. Harry believed in the power of the Gospel to renew individuals, communities, and nations, and he devoted his life to spreading this message.

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