High on Life Hits PS5 and PS4: Breaking Boundaries

Santa Monica, CA – The highly anticipated game, High on Life, has officially launched as per IGN for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles. The announcement was made by Squanch Games, the developer of the game.

High on Life was initially released as an Xbox exclusive in December 2022. However, recent reports suggested that the game would be coming to PlayStation. These speculations were confirmed this weekend with the official launch of the game on PS5 and PS4. The game was co-created by Justin Roiland, also known for co-creating the popular animated series, Rick and Morty. High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game that features a talking gun, adding a unique twist to the genre.

High on Life Premises Wacky Alien Battles

In High on Life, players take on the role of a high school graduate who teams up with colorful talking guns to take down an alien cartel. With locales like desert canyons, alien jungles, and more, players will battle humanoid frogs, insects, and other interstellar enemies.

“We’re bringing all of Justin’s wild comedy and imagination to life in High on Life,” said Amir Rahimi, Game Director at Squanch Games. “Fans can expect ridiculous talking guns, elated aliens, and hands-down the funniest gameplay we’ve ever created.”

Optimized for PS5 Gameplay

High on Life on PS5 will feature enhanced graphics and DualSense controller immersion. With vivid alien worlds and adaptive trigger support, PS5 players are in for smooth comedy-filled combat.

“The PS5 hardware helps High on Life shine,” said Rahimi. “We’re thrilled PlayStation fans get to experience our crazy FPS in all its outrageous glory.”

High on Life is expected to be a major holiday launch for PS5 gamers seeking over-the-top alien battles paired with side-splitting weapons. Justin Roiland’s signature humor is on full display in this soon-to-be hit FPS.

With the release of “High on Life” on PlayStation, the gaming community eagerly anticipates what this game will bring to the PlayStation platform. The game is complete with all the content released so far and is now available for players to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for join the adventure today and experience the thrill of “High on Life” on your PS4 or PS5. Don’t miss out on this exciting gaming experience!

High on Life Game Trailer

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