How did Alaysia Smith-Jones Die ?Cause of Death Explored

Alaysia Smith-Jones was a Michigan woman who was widely known for her hairdressing and fashion skills. Read on to learn how did Alaysia Smith-Jones die, what happened to her, and what was the cause of her untimely death in this obituary.

The deceased Alaysia Smith-Jones was a strong mother. She often shared updates from her life including her children on social media platforms. Tributes have emerged for the late “Lay-Lay” on social media platforms, led by her friends, cousins, and other family members.

Who was Alaysia Smith-Jones?

Alaysia Smith-Jones was a young hairdresser from Detroit, Michigan. She was a graduate of the Robichaud Senior High School and worked at her own salon. She was pretty famous on social media platforms with over 4k followers on Facebook and 1.7k followers on Instagram.

Alaysia was a mother of three children. She recently posted a picture of her three kids when they were ready to head to school. Her eldest daughter is in seventh grade, the middle one is in third grade, and the youngest one is admitted to the second grade.

Alaysia Smith-Jones was lovingly called “Lay-Lay” by her friends. She was the most energetic individual in her friend circle. Everyone enjoyed her vibe. Unfortunately, she had to leave this world this soon in a very tragic manner.

How did Alaysia Smith-Jones die?

Alaysia Smith-Jones, of Detroit, Michigan, died on Saturday, September 23, 2023. She was a young mother of three daughters who worked as a hairdresser. Her death has been devastating to the community as she leaves behind her loved ones.

The tragic news of Alaysia Smith-Jones’ death was announced to the public via social media by her friend Keish Keish. You can take a look at the saddening post here:

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The post calls Alaysia a ‘beautiful person inside out’ and states that she is going to be missed by everyone. Several other friends and family members of Alaysia have posted on Facebook and Instagram paying respect to the deceased.

What is Alaysia Smith-Jones’ Cause of Death?

Alaysia Smith-Jones passed away suddenly this past Saturday. However, the specific circumstances surrounding her death were not revealed. No information about the cause of Alaysia Smith-Jones is known either and everyone is concerned to know that.

The young mother wasn’t suffering from any publicly announced medical condition. She was recently on a weight loss journey and posted about it on online platforms. Alaysia Smith-Jones had lost around 22lbs between August and September.

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She was also planning to lose another 20 pounds by upcoming Halloween. Just a day back, she had posted a requirement for a ‘Stretch Trainer’ on Facebook. Unfortunately, destiny had different plans for the ambitious woman.

Alaysia Smith-Jones Obituary, Funeral, and Tributes

Tributes have emerged on social media platforms for the late Alaysia Smith-Jones. She was an amazing human being whom everyone loved for her personality, courage, and nature.

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An obituary for Alaysia Smith-Jones is awaited at this time. Her family will soon release it. She is survived by her three daughters, her mother, and other family members. She will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her including her friends, colleagues, and customers.

The funeral of Alaysia Smith-Jones is pending and will be scheduled soon. Our sincere condolences go to the loved ones of the late hairdresser. May God let her soul rest in peace.

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