How did Bishop John Manz die? Know His Cause Of Death Obituary And More

On July 15, 2023, the Catholic community lost one of its treasured leaders, Bishop John Manz of the Archdiocese of Chicago. His passing was confirmed through a heart-wrenching post that left many in tears.

Bishop John Manz’s legacy and service to the Catholic Church will forever be engraved in our hearts. Let us take a moment to remember his dedicated life and the impact he had in the religious community. Keep reading more.

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Who was Bishop John Manz?

Bishop John Manz was born on November 14, 1945, in Chicago, Illinois. He received his education at St. Martha School in Morton Grove, Illinois, and later graduated from Quigley Preparatory North Preparatory Seminary in Chicago in 1963. Bishop John Manz went on to study at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois, where he earned a Master of Divinity degree in 1971. On May 12, 1971, Cardinal John Cody ordained him to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Throughout his life, Bishop John Manz was a devoted servant of the church, an embodiment of love, compassion, and humility.

How did Bishop John die ? What was the Cause of his Death?

The news of the bishop’s death was a shock to many, leaving people wondering about the cause of his death. Unfortunately, this information has not been released yet. The Archdiocese of Chicago, his family, and friends have expressed their deepest sadness and prayers for Bishop John Manz’s soul.

Post below:
Shine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
With deep sorrow, we come together as a community to honor the memory of our beloved Bishop, Most Reverend John Manz, who passed away yesterday, July 14. Bishop Manz was a devoted and passionate follower of the Virgin Mary, and his love for her was evident in every aspect of his life. As a leader in the community, his example of faith, humility, and dedication inspired us all. Though we feel his absence, we find solace in knowing that he is now with the Mother of God, interceding for us from heaven. May the Virgin Mary, whom Bishop Manz deeply cherished, guide and protect us as she did for him during his earthly journey. Rest in peace Bishop Manz, and continue to watch over us from the loving arms of our Blessed Mother.

Bishop John Manz Obituary

Bishop John Manz’s death has left a profound impact on the Catholic community. He was a former auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago and served the church for over four decades. The Most Reverend John R. Manz was known for his selfless nature, his dedication to his faith, and his passion for social justice. He was committed to ensuring that the word of God was accessible to everyone and encouraged people to live their lives in line with Christian values. The bishop’s passing is a great loss to the Catholic Church, and we remember him for his life of service.

Cooky Perez Eraci
My heart is so broken, I can’t believe you are gone. We were together having lunch not too long ago… you are now home in the loving arms of our Lord…It is not often you meet a great person, a priest, a bishop and most of all friend. Bishop John Manz a true servant of the people. He had a love for our young church, he stood for justice, peace and love. So much I want to say…You always taught that the walls of fear and indifference are broken down through simple conversations, listening, and relationships. When gathered around the holy table, with people of all races, religions, and cultures are beautiful children of God, a reminder of the amazing gift and diversity of the family. You truly walked the talk. Thank you Bishop Manz, for your love and friendship. May you rest in peace.

Bishop John Manz’s passing is a reminder that life is fleeting and that we should strive to make a difference while we are still around. His life of service and dedication to his faith are a testament to his commitment to help others. As we mourn his loss, let us remember him for the legacy he left behind and strive to be like him in our everyday lives. Rest in peace, Bishop John Manz.

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