How Did Caitlyn Alaska Wilson Die? What Happened to Jared Wilson Wife

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Caitlyn Alaska Wilson from St. George, Utah unfortunately passed away on Thursday, December 22, 2022. Her husband, Jared Wilson took to social media to confirm her death news. She leaves behind her husband Jared, son Lincoln, 16 months, and son Gabriel, 9 days old. “I miss and strongly need your presence, please find a means to keep an eye on us. We miss you. Lincoln has cried and yelled out your name all day”, Jared said.

Keep reading to know more about Caitlyn Alaska Wilson, including who she was, how she died, what was the cause of her death, tributes for Caitlyn Alaska Wilson, and a lot more!

Who Was Caitlyn Alaska Wilson?

Caitlyn Alaska Wilson was the wife of Jared Wilson, a second-year physician at Sweet Buffalo, in St. George, Utah, United States. She was survived by her husband, Jared, and sons, Lincoln and Gabriel. Apart from that, there is not much information available about Caitlyn and her family as of now. Maybe she didn’t want to disclose her family due to privacy reasons. 

Her husband Jared mentioned about Caitlyn, he said, “Caitlyn is really unique. She satisfies every expectation I had for her. In her absence, she will continue to mold the man I hope to become and help my boys mature into the men she would want them to be. Being a mother to these adorable boys was her greatest delight, as can be seen in many of her images.”

How Did Caitlyn Alaska Wilson Die? Cause of Death

Although it is one of the most wonderful events in a woman’s life, giving birth can also be a frightening experience. Due to the loss of their mother during childbirth, which is frequent at this time of year, one young family in St. George is going through immense pain.

Jared Wilson, a second-year physician resident, tragically lost his wife Caitlyn Alaska Wilson just before Christmas on Thursday, December 22nd, due to complications with the birth of the second child in Sweet Buffalo, an organization.

Lincoln, the couple’s 18-month-old son, and Gabriel, their newborn son, will be nurtured by Caitlyn Alaska Wilson’s new husband, Jared, without knowing anything about their mother, who went unexpectedly on December 22nd.

He has no family in Western New York and is currently parenting two young boys by himself. The loss of Caitlyn has shattered the whole neighborhood and Jared also. She was forced to part ways with her husband and sons, whom she loved more than anything.

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Fundraising Program

Through a GoFundMe campaign, the neighborhood has come together to seek assistance in the spirit of the holiday season, and 2100 people have already contributed $126,218 to the account.

Bailee Walther, Caitlyn’s sister, who organize this fundraising initiative, stated, “During this Christmas season, we ask that if you’re able and willing to donate to this family in need.”

Even though nothing can make up for the terrible loss of this young mother, the family wants to express their gratitude to everyone who has shown support.

Tributes for Caitlyn Alaska Wilson

Jared Wilson’s sister, Rebecca Wilson Christiansen wrote a heartfelt tribute for her brother and Caitlyn, saying,

“I’m devastated for my brother Jared. Please keep my brother and their two adorable children in your prayers. I humbly ask for your prayers on behalf of my younger brother Jared and his lovely wife Caitlyn Wilson, my friends. Eight days ago, they welcomed a lovely baby boy into their family, but Cait is currently fighting for her life as a result of difficulties during delivery.”

Amber Kemmis-Hom: “Jared, you said these things with such heart! Since I last saw you as a young boy, I can say that you have developed into an amazing young man! You and the boys may be carried by God’s comfort!”

Candace Marie posted a message in remembrance of Caitlyn, she said, “Caitlyn sounds like a very gorgeous person inside and out, and I’m sending so much love your way. I’m really sorry, Jared, you had to deal with this loss!”

Our sincere condolences go out to Caitlyn Wilson’s family and her husband. You can use this website if you want to read more articles of this kind or if you want to get updated on the latest trend topics.

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  1. St. Paul Lutheran Church in West Falls, NY, is praying for Jared and family. Our prayer chain has been notified. God’s comfort and peace is our hope for you, Jared.


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