How did Dario Acquaroli die ? What was his cause of death?

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Dario Acquaroli, the legendary Italian mountain bike champion who passed away on April 9, 2023.

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How did Dario Acquaroli die ? What was his cause of death?

The tragic news has left the world of Mountain Biking in mourning. Dario Acquaroli, the 48-year-old former champion, passed away while indulging in what he loved most – riding his mountain bike. His enthusiasm for the sport led him to become a world champion, a feat that only a few can accomplish. It is devastating to hear of the loss of someone who was so passionate and dedicated to his craft. Acquaroli’s health may have been a contributing factor in his sudden death, though the cause is yet to be confirmed. A mixture of rescue teams, including the Alpine Rescue, rushed to the scene, where he was found by cyclists on a mule track from Cespedosio to the village. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and the Mountain Biking community during this challenging time.

We have no words to express our sorrow. Instead, we have many to describe you: humble, tireless, helpful, funny, generous, a true champion. Dario Acquaroli we had the pleasure to have you as a colleague, world champion, and brand ambassador over many years in Vittoria. We will never forget you. Rest in peace.

Who was Dario Acquaroli ?

Dario Acquaroli’s name still resonates in the world of mountain biking today. Born on March 10, 1975, in San Giovanni Bianco, Italy, he was the epitome of a cycling champion. From a young age, Dario’s talent was evident, and he signed his first professional contract at the age of just 16. He went on to represent Italy in 19 world championships, during which he won two European crowns and two world championships. Dario was also a five-time Italian champion with various teams. As a result, he received the Golden Collar for Sporting Merit from Coni, his country’s highest sporting accolade. Even though he retired in 2008, Dario stayed true to his passion and maintained his connection to the sport by holding various positions in Vittoria and Merida, where he currently serves as Marketing Manager. It is impossible not to admire Dario’s tenacity, dedication, and countless successes, which make him one of Italy’s most beloved sports stars.

Tributes pours to Dario Acquaroli death on social media

user wrote

I am sorry for your loss, cherish the memories Ken.

another wrote

Gone to soon my friend Dario Acquaroli !
Rest in Peace Champ !

Ken Avery wrote

RIP to a dear friend.
Most fans knew Dario Acquaroli as a 2x World Champion, 2x European Champion, and 5x Italian Champion. However, if you were lucky enough to know him as a person, you quickly realized that these results were nothing compared to the person he was.

Through the years, we traveled the world together, riding bikes and laughing a lot along the way. Despite his achievements, he always remained humble, and steadfastly supported those around him. When COVID hit Italy, he used his notoriety to organize a fundraiser to benefit the less fortunate, donating his last World Championship winning bike to the cause.

Dario was many things to many people, and one of the best to ever ride a bike. When the cameras turned off, and the race was over, he was a brother to me.

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