“How did Dave die? What happened to Dave from TikTok Operation Hangover?

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TikToker Dave, also known as Operation Hangover, amassed a following for his films on the app, which he and his wife Carla controlled. He was well-known for promoting some of the riskiest online fads, such as the “Banana and Sprite Challenge,” in which he and other TikTokers assessed alcohol bottles while chugging them. The sudden and devastating news of Dave’s passing on December 27 shocked TikTok.

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Who is Dave?

At the time of his passing, Operation Hangover had more than 10,000 followers on TikTok. His posts frequently featured him and his wife Carla engaging in online challenges, chugging, and reviewing alcoholic beverages. Dave was well-known for hosting TikTok Live streaming, during which he drank in front of his audience.

How did Dave die? What happened to Dave from TikTok Operation Hangover?

Operation Hangover and his wife broadcast live on TikTok on December 26, 2022. The two consumed booze during the show in exchange for donations. During the live broadcast, the phone camera briefly shifted away from Dave and Clara. Clara can be heard crying and praying before telling the emergency personnel that she tried to revive the man. On December 27, TikToker @hookedbyshakera reuploaded a video of this section of the stream. Some users say that the administrators banned people who requested Dave to quit drinking in the comment section.

In a video released on December 27, TikToker @tornadoday, who identified herself as Dave’s sister and said his wife Clara wasn’t ready to discuss the matter, confirmed his death. Later that day, she sent a video to the @operationhangover TikTok account explaining that she was having trouble going live, stating that Clara was resting, and providing a link to the GoFundMe page for his burial expenses.

Add tributes on social media!

Viewers would give to him to encourage Dave to drink more during the live stream. The man’s passing sparked debates online about the perils of drinking and the encouragement of others to do so for views, with some accusing the live donors of being responsible for his passing. To raise money for Dave’s funeral, a GoFundMe page was created.

You can contribute to Dave’s ongoing GoFundMe effort by clicking this link. To pay for “funeral expenses for David’s sudden passing,” the $10,000 fundraising goal is set.

The GoFundMe’s description begins, “Hello everyone, David gained his angel wings quite abruptly, and our family has suffered a loss we were unprepared for. Please support our family at this difficult time if you can find it in your heart. We would be eternally grateful.

Since then, TikToker fans have flooded the platform with sincere thoughts and condolence notes.

“I’m sorry to read about Dave. I’ve become great friends with Dave,” one person wrote. He will be sorely missed. This makes me so sad. RIP, Dave.

“This proved to me that he is indeed no longer here.” Another said, “My condolences. I was hoping it was just a rumor and that Dave was okay.

“I cannot believe this; my condolences to you all,” a third supporter said. R.I.P. Dave

According to a family source, Dave’s death was reported in the most recent TikTok post on the Operation Hangover account. Carla was encouraged to “relax,” even though she had not spoken about Dave’s passing. Several of Dave’s fans assert that they watched him perform on TikTok live several hours before his passing.

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