How did Grandmother Holla die ? Cause of Death Explained?

Grandmother Holla, or Helen Davis, was an influential TikTok user for sadly she passed away at the of 97 keep reading to know what happened to her?

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Is grandma holla dead or alive

Grandma Holla is a popular TikTok star whose death circulated online in 2022. Shockingly enough, the rumors of her passing spread rapidly despite the lack of reliable evidence available. In response to this, Grandma Holla’s daughter Janice Williams took to social media and endorsed her mother’s safety with a touching message. She wrote “Hey holla is fine. She home eating cereal right now” which put an end to false speculations of her cause of death. It has been speculated that other content creators may have led to the confusion as their names were similar and caused people to misattribute Ms. Holla’s death to the beloved Grandma Holla. By explaining what really happened, many lives were put at ease.

How did Grandma holla die ?

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Grandma Holla, beloved celebrity and social media icon. Grandma Holla was popularly known for her infectious laughter and her uncanny ability to capture an audience through her outlandish humor. Her grandchildren announced via their YouTube channel, Lottery Frappe and Laughs, that Grandma Holla passed away at the ripe age of 97 on January 15th, 2023 peacefully in her sleep. She will be deeply missed by us all.

Who was Grandma holla?

Grandma Holla, popularly known as Helen Davis, is a TikTok figure who has gained fame for her amusing comments and candid manner of speaking. Before gaining prominence online, she had already accumulated a large social media following thanks to posts made by her granddaughter. However, it was not until the music artist Toni Braxton shared one of her videos that Grandma Holla’s popularity began to skyrocket. She quickly amassed over a million fans. With her humorous remarks and sharp observations regarding celebrity news, relationships, and healthy eating habits, Grandma Holla continues to be an inspiration and source of entertainment to many.

What was her Cause of death?

Recently, it was announced that Grandma Holla, who had over one million followers on her social media page, passed away after a long battle with advanced cancer. While the news of her passing has been difficult for her fans and family to accept, there is much to be celebrated about the impact she had made in the world. Her extraordinary impact on the platform was created by her honest and upfront attitude which resonated with many people from all walks of life. She will continue to live on in our fond memories and through the spirit of small acts of kindness we keep doing every day.

Tributes pour to Grandma holla death

My prayers goes out to her granddaughters who took care of her and the rest of the family too I will keep you all lifted up in prayers in Jesus name amen. 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rip MsHolla we enjoyed every moment of your time on your social media platform 😢🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😞


It’s has been confirmed that our favorite internet grandma better known as “Ms. Holla” has passed away at the age of 97. Her granddaughter just confirmed on Lottery Frappe and Laughs. This is heartbreaking! #RIPHolla ❤️

Rest Peacefully Grandma Holla….You’ll Be Truly Missed…Thanks For All The Love & Laughs 💔😢😔 Sending Prayers & Hugs To The Family…Yall Rock…Took Perfectttt Care Of Her🙏🏽😢😔💔

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  1. God bless all of the family that has beenbyherside from beginning to the end you the granddaughter she could not have not asked for a better caregiver than you baby she knew if she needed anything you were right there itisvery hard to take care to of someone that is that sick and you are there everything I know this because I tookcare of my mom forgive yearsshe was bed riddenwith no hip godwillkeep his armsarouñdyou andiknow she’s making godlaugh as long as. She don’t get to naughty I will be praying for yall

  2. Thanks for sharing your grandma with the world she made me laugh.Hope she will be the 1st comedian in heaven my grandma is gonna love her …

  3. I haven’t been too long started watching MS HOLLA. One night I was flipping thru my phone and heard this elderly lady cussing down. Everything she said was funny to me. She had the facial to go with whatever she said. She was sooooo funny to me ..RIP HOLLA you will be missed by MANY.

  4. Ms Holla,
    Thank you for your humor and love. I will miss you. RIP Condolences to the family, prayers sending out to all! Stay strong family♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for sharing her!

  5. Thank you all for sharing Ms Holla with the world. The family took great care of her .Ms Holla will be greatly missed, but memories is something that will always remain with us .God bless and keep you strong doing this difficult time

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