How Did Jarno Cordia Die? Everything About The Owner of FlyLikeBrick

A popular wingsuit pilot and base jumper from the Netherlands, JarnoCordia tragically passed away on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023 in Lauterbrunnen, a location known among base jumpers. His sister Liesbeth posted a tribute and confirmed his departure on Facebook.

Let’s learn in detail who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for Jarno Cordia, and a lot more things you should check!

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Who Was Jarno Cordia?

Jarno Cordia was born on April 25, 1978, in the Netherlands. He was a base jumper and wing-suit pilot with more than 20 years of experience. Cordia was well-known throughout the world as a very skilled base jumper and instructor. He successfully ran FlyLikeBrick as the company’s owner and chief instructor for about 16 years.

He was a leader in the profession and a specialist in wingsuit acrobatics and aerial filming teaching. Together with Jenna Gygi, he created coaching and training techniques for indoor wing-suit use. Jarno has experience in commercial 3D character animation, editing, and graphics.

He had won multiple world championships in many different sports, and he hold the record for the longest indoor free fall in a wingsuit in the Guinness Book of Records. Additionally, with over 5000 career jumps, he now holds the records for both base jumping and wingsuit skiing.

How Did Jarno Cordia? Cause of Death

Dutch-based jumper JarnoCordia died on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023 in Switzerland after jumping from a platform atop a sheer cliff and repeatedly hitting the rocks.

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Following an incident in that base-jumping was found to be the cause of JarnoCordia’s death. The wingsuit pilot was said to have leaped from High La Mousse and crashed numerous times against a rock wall for unidentified reasons.

First responders, who were officials, arrived on the scene, but they were powerless to revive Cordia.

His sister, LiesbethCordiasent a notice about his passing and leaves a touchy remark on her Facebook post as her brother dies while sky diving.

“The new year has started off so nicely, a gesture of trust in his beloved Swiss. It is now our final. The skydiving community has lost a wonderful brother, son, father, brother-in-law, uncle, friend, and mentor.”

Police Statement

Authorities issued a statement that stated, “JarnoCordiais no more with us, he died in the Alpine region close to Lauterbrunnen, according to the Swiss Police. The victim, a hurdle from the High La Mousse jumping location wearing a wingsuit. He repeatedly ran into a rock wall. The rescuers were unable to provide the man with any additional assistance. The collision’s cause is being investigated by Bern police.”

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Tributes for Jarno Cordia

Online base jumpers from both home and abroad offer their sympathy and expressed their condolences. Fly Like Brick posted a small tribute for their owner and head coach, Jarno Cordia, saying,

“This loss cannot be expressed in words. I’m grateful to Jarno for everything we experienced together. I will be grateful forever and cherish every moment.”

James McDonald, a friend and colleague, posts on Facebook, “The call I never wanted to get.”

Aleksandr Safonovsaid, “Our narrative wasn’t intended to finish like this,”

Trond R. Teigen: “Jarno, BSBD! I appreciate the pleasant moments. Here is some uncut video of Jarnos’ world-record wind tunnel flying!”

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