How Did Jason Lawner Ski Die? What Happened to Florida Yoga Trainer

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One of South Florida’s most renowned and well-liked yoga instructors, Jason Lawner, unexpectedly passed away on Monday, January 9th, 2023. His passing was made public by Mosaic Yoga and they also penned a touchy memorial for him. “Keep in mind how short our life is so, let’s continue to love one another”, they wrote.

Keep reading to know more about Jason Lawner, including who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for Jason Lawner

Who Was Jason Lawner?

Jason Pablo Lawner was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, but was born in Los Angeles, California. He had positions at the Mosaic Yoga Center as a yoga instructor and trainer and at KW Salt Lake City Keller Williams Real Estate as a realtor and real estate consultant. He was a trumpet player who went to the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

As soon as his wife was admitted into the University of Utah’s Ph.D. program, Jason and his family left their home in Miami, Florida. Although they were investigating a few other locations, they quickly settled on snowbird because of its close proximity to world-class climbing and limitless outdoor activity. Jason likes to be outdoors, active and engaged in an adventure of some sort. Learning new abilities, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, hiking, and camping are his qualities.

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How Did Jason Lawner Die? Cause of Death

On January 9th, 2023, Jason Lawner of Salt Lake City, Utah passed away in a fatal skiing accident, according to Mosaic Yoga. The resort officials and police said, he died after being thrown from a chairlift by a tree that fell over a lift cable. He was taken to the hospital by first responders for treatment, where he was pronounced dead.

Regarding Jason Lawner’s funeral services, no information is immediately available at the time of writing. However, a post of Mosaic Yoga gave a hint through their caption that they will soon release further information about that.

Mosaic Yoga confirmed his passing news and posted a picture of Jason Lawner in his remembrance. Saying,

“As we convey some tragic news, our hearts are burdened. Our own beloved Jason Lawner passed away yesterday. We’re all still recovering from this shocking information. This Thursday at 5 pm, we’re going to do some type of candlelight vigil at Mosaic/TLC (his regular teaching slot).”

Tributes for Jason Lawner

On numerous social media platforms, tributes to him have rushed in. Many people send their sympathies via different social media platforms.

“Even while these qualities might seem typical, Jason had a special mix and an abundance of them, which made him special. I’m sorry; I thought you’d be here for a while and never told you how much I loved you. Enjoy your peace!” Jake Billitteri said.

Steve Lyman wrote, “”Good man,” Brother also. You have my undying love, and I value our friendship. Jason, please go in peace. You lived an amazing life, and by having you around, everyone benefited.”

Kelly Salmans posted, “I’m stunned! Another good friend was lost! Jason Pablo Lawner, RIP.”

David Bokovoy said, “We’ve been crying a lot since our dear friend Jason Pablo Lawner passed away. We are really appreciative that we were able to share so many wonderful experiences with such a lovely soul.”

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  1. Jason Lawner, an unforgettable friend and yoga guide who opened doors to newfound strength and agility for his students. He taught his own practice methods, no filter. He inspired and shared his love for an adventurous life. I feel his students were his tribe. I am so thankful to have known Jason.



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