How Did Jo Carol Pierce Die? Cause Of Her Death Explained

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An American renowned singer, and songwriter, Jo Carol Pierce sadly passed away this Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at the age of 78 years. She was known for her compilation albums and also appeared in Billboard’s top 100 for a few years. Jo’s friend, Michael Corcoran confirmed her death news on his official Twitter account.

Keep reading to learn more about Jo Carol Pierce, including who she was, how she died, the cause of her death, tributes for her, and much more!

Who Was Jo Carol Pierce?

On July 20, 1944, Jo Carol was born in Wellington, Texas to Joe Edwin Pierce and Virginia. She was raised in Lubbock, a city in Texas, and did her schooling with Joe Ely and Butch Hancock. When Jo was two years old, her father, shifted to Coulee City, Washington with her family, where he and her mother, Virginia, published a small newspaper.

Jo Carol Pierce

She played, in every local production in her earlier days that aimed to be the next Greater Tuna. It was her own funny and pitiful mix of music, Bad Girls Upset by the Truth, and monologue staged at the Chicago House in 1989, that made her a person of interest to the local, then recognized at a national level.

She first stepped up into this industry when she was 36 years. But, Jo came into the limelight in 1993, when she produced compilation albums along with her fellow musicians. In the same year, she released her first solo album and which premiered on SXSW (South by Southwest). She again came up with her second solo album, titled Dog of Love in 2008.

When it comes to her personal life, in 1963, she married her high school friend, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, who is also an American singer, and songwriter. But, their relationship didn’t succeed and the pair got separated after 4 years. Her second marriage also didn’t last long and later she married Guy Juke with whom she was married until her death.

How Did Jo Carol Pierce Die? Cause of her Death

Popular singer, and songwriter, Jo Carol Pierce died on Friday, December 2, 2022, after a year-and-a-half-long battle with Cancer. She passed away at 78 years and was surrounded by her beloved family members when she took her last breath.

Jo’s long-time friend and her close partner, Michael announced her death via Twitter. He mentioned, she died this afternoon due to Cancer.

“The great Texas songwriter Jo Carol Pierce passed away this afternoon at age 78 from cancer. I wrote about her something a few months ago. Had no idea she was sick”.

Twitter for Jo Carol Pierce

Tributes flooded for Jo Carol across different social media handles. Many of her die-hard fans showed their disbelief at her passing.

“Broken-hearted over here. (No pun intended. you take care, Michael. I saw Laurie Greenwell on Thurs: were your ears burning?)”.

“Thanks, corky. The loose diamonds not only got our band name from her, but she was also a great friend. At one point in 90 or 91, about a third of our set was Jo carol’s songs. she was our den mother when we were rangy wolves. Thank you for celebrating her”.

Jo is always in our thoughts and prayers. Her countless deeds of kindness, always giving and never expecting any favors in return, and may god bless her and grant her soul eternal rest. Hope you get all the details you are looking for and to read more of these articles, keep visiting the website. Also, feel free to share your thought in the comment section.

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