How Did John Hadl Die? What Happened To Former Pro Bowl Quarterback

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A legendary footballer and former NFL quarterback, John Hadl sadly passed away on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 at the age of 82. His passing news was confirmed by the University of Kansas on their official Twitter account.

Here, you’ll get everything about John Hadl, including who he was, how he died, the cause of his death, tributes of John Hadl, and many more.

Who Was John Hadl?

John Willard Hadl was born on February 15, 1940, in Lawrence, Kansas was an American professional player, who was a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback and starred for the Chargers in the 1960s.

He attended Lawrence High School and made his name for himself. He played for the Lawrence High School team and played as a centerfielder for the baseball team. Later, he chose to play for the Kansas football, which was a team of the University of Kansas.

He became a star athlete wherever he played and was highly admired by his fans. He was named four times AFL All-Star and two earned two Pro Bowls.

Career Highlights

After playing for Lawrence’s high school football team, he then joined the Kansas football. He also played for the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Houston Oilers, and a few more teams in his career.

Hadl was a backup on the Los Angeles Chargers’ 1963 AFL Championship team, He led his team into the league from knockout games thrice in his career and he gets with 244 touchdown passes, 1,112 yards rushing,33,503 yards passing, 16 rushing scores, and an 82-75-9 record. John also won the NFL Man of the Year in 1971.

After his retirement, John served as an assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for the Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball team. Hadl also coached in the NFL and USFL in the 1980s and was a leader in fundraising efforts to construct and renovate Kansas’ athletic facilities for the past 30 years.

How Did John Hadl Die? Cause of His Death

Legendary football player and six-time Pro Bowl quarterback, John Hadl died on Wednesday, November 30th at the age of 82. As of now, there is no cause of his death was given. As soon as we get the information, we’ll update you.

The University of Kansas made his death news public. In the 1960s, John Hadl had been the face of the University of Kansas and had a deep connection with them. He was given a role to play offense, and defense, and sometime punted in his days.

Tributes for John Hadl

Jim Irsay: “Rest in peace, John Hadl. Feeling sad on his demise, he was one of the old AFL and NFL’s great players, also a six-time pro-bowler, but had some of his best years after the merger”.

The Los Angeles Chargers showed their sadness on the loss of John Hadl, said

Rest Easy, John

Green Bay Packers: Former #Packers quarterback John Hadl has passed away at age 82

Super 70s Sport mentioned in their tweet, “John enjoyed a banner day in 1975 when he passed for 275 yards. He had two touchdowns against the Giants and also performed well against a cappella version of himself in the huddle that brought two offensive linemen to tears”.

Football Foundation: “We mourn the passing of 1994 Hall of Fame John Hadl, a two-time First Team All-American who starred with Kansas football from 1959-61. He established himself as one of the greatest Jayhawks ever,” said NFF Chairman Archie Manning”.

Our heart goes out to John Hadl’s family at this difficult time. It is often hard to find the proper words to describe our feelings. May his soul find peace, comfort, and all the love he needs in the days to come. Hope you get all the necessary details about how John Hadl died and a lot more things.

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