How did Joy Webb die ? Co-Founder and Singer of The Joystrings, A Salvation Army Pioneer

Today, October 1, 2023, we woke up to the heartbreaking news of the passing of Joy Webb. Known as the co-founder and singer of The Joystrings, and a retired officer in The Salvation Army, Joy Webb leaves behind an indelible legacy. Her life and work touched countless lives, and her contributions to Christian music and The Salvation Army will forever be remembered.

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Who Was Joy Webb?

Joy Webb was not just a singer; she was a pioneer who used her musical talents to spread the message of faith and hope. As the leader of The Joystrings, a 1960s UK Christian music group, Joy brought a fresh and contemporary sound to The Salvation Army and Christian music.

Born into a Salvation Army family, Joy Webb was called to serve at an early age. She trained as a Salvation Army officer and devoted her life to helping others. Alongside her service, Joy’s love for music led her to form The Joystrings. The group, consisting of fellow Salvation Army officers, aimed to present Christianity in a modern and appealing way

The Joystrings made a significant impact in the 1960s, even reaching the UK pop charts. The group’s first hit was written by Joy herself. Despite the fame, Joy and The Joystrings remained committed to their mission, using their platform to share their faith and inspire others.

How did Joy Webb Die ?

The news of Joy Webb’s death was announced today, leaving her loved ones and the entire Christian music community in a state of sorrow. The cause of her death has not been publicly disclosed. Tributes have poured in across social media, with many expressing their grief and sharing memories of Joy’s inspiring life and work.

Joy Webb Legacy

Joy Webb’s legacy extends beyond her music. In 2004, in recognition of her service, she was admitted to the Order of the Founder, The Salvation Army’s highest honor.

The songs of The Joystrings, many penned by Joy, continue to inspire and uplift listeners, even decades after their release. They are a testament to Joy’s faith, creativity, and her ability to touch people’s hearts through music.

So sad to hear that Joy Webb, leader of the famous Salvation Army group The Joystrings has passed away.Thank you Joy, from the Solid Rock Band, for a lifetime of devoted service to music and the creative arts. The legacy of your music will live on. Who knows how many hundreds or thousands of lives that were touched by your ministry.The Joystrings came to Gloucester SA in March 1967 to encourage the boys. In those days the group was called ‘The 125s’ the number of the Corps in Gloucester.Chris Ellsmore, brother of lead guitarist Stuart (Spud) was the band’s drummer in those early days. We were just 16-year-olds but Chris was a bit older and had just learnt to drive so could transport the band in his dad & mum’s car to various venues around the Gloucestershire area.Joy Webb travelled the UK during the 60’s giving great encouragement to fledgling young Christian groups that were starting up all over the country following the success of The Joystrings who had the song ‘It’s an open secret’ in the charts in 1964.Many Christian bands owe a huge debt of gratitude to The Joystrings who pioneered Christian pop music in the 1960’s.Thank you Joy – rest in peace.

Final words

As we mourn the loss of Joy Webb, we also celebrate her remarkable life. Her contributions to The Salvation Army and Christian music have left a lasting legacy. Her life serves as an inspiration for us all to use our talents to make a positive difference in the world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, and all those mourning her loss. May her soul rest in peace.

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