How Did Julian Becerra Die? What Happened to the Colorado Police K-9 Officer

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The Colorado law enforcement community was stunned by the tragic death of Julian Becerra, a K-9 police officer with the Fountain Police Department on Saturday, February 11th, 2023. Becerra, who was in his mid-40s and had been with the department for over a decade, died unexpectedly. Many people want to know what happened, and how a young and talented officer like Becerra could lose his life so suddenly. Keep reading the article to know more about Julian Becerra, including who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for Julian, and much more!

Who Was Julian Becerra?

Julian Becerra was a police officer who served as a K-9 officer for the Fountain Police Department in Colorado. Becerra was known for his dedication to his job and his unwavering commitment to serving and protecting the community. Julian Becerra was a dedicated police officer who put his life on the line every day to protect and serve his community.

Becerra joined the Fountain Police Department in 2014 and was quickly assigned to the K-9 Unit. He was paired with a German Shepherd named Koda, with whom he developed a close bond. Koda was trained to assist in tracking suspects and finding evidence, and Becerra was known for his expert handling of the dog. The two worked together to solve many cases, earning them a reputation as a formidable duo in the community.

During his four and a half years with the Fountain Police Department, Officer Becerra worked as a K9 Officer in the Patrol Division. Prior to becoming a deputy sheriff, he worked as a security technician for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office beginning in 2014. 2018 saw his departure from that position.

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GoFundMe Campaign

In honor of Becerra’s memory, David Alderman created the GoFundMe page on behalf of his sister Katherine Alderman. As of now, Becerra’s GoFundMe page has received around $72,000, and donations are still being accepted.

How Did Julian Becerra Die? Cause of Death Explained

Julian Becerra, 35, of Fountain, Colorado, Police Department passed away on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 from wounds he received when he fell off a 40-foot bridge earlier this month while pursuing carjacking 3 suspects.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene, but unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to save him. Reportedly, officer Becerra was surrounded by loved ones and on life support as of last Friday at Penrose Hospital.

The news of Julian’s unfortunate demise was first reported by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, and they also penned a beautiful tribute for him, saying

“The men and women of the EPSO mourn alongside their Fountain PD brothers and sisters at the untimely passing of Officer Julian Becerra. Take care of one another, Blue Family, and know that the Becerra family is in our thoughts and prayers.”

It was the first death in the line of duty for the Fountain Police Department since Officer John Lindamood was killed in April 1921 after being shot by a burglar.

Tributes for Julian Becerra

The news of Becerra’s death sent shockwaves through the Colorado law enforcement community, with many officers expressing their condolences and support for his family.

The City of Fountain Government sent its condolences to Julian’s family, saying

“We at the Fountain Police Department are deeply saddened to inform the public that K-9 Officer Julian Becerra passed away as a result of wounds he received on the job on February 2, 2023.”

NYPD Chaplains Unit tweeted, “Police Officer Julian Becerra of the Cityoffountain Police Department died as a consequence of wounds received while performing his job, and we are praying for his family, friends, and coworkers. God, grant him rest forever.”

Ryan Armagost posted, “Officer Julian Becerra, you may rest easy. We appreciate the sacrifices you made to keep your neighborhood safe. Your family and the Fountain Police Department are in my thoughts and prayers.”

The death of Julian Becerra is a tragic loss that has deeply affected the Colorado law enforcement community. Becerra’s legacy will live on through the memories of those who knew him and through the work of the Fountain Police Department, which will continue to serve and protect the people of Colorado. Visit our website frequently to read similar articles on regular basis, and don’t forget to leave the grieving family your condolences and sympathies in the comment section below.

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