How Did Kristen Rae Myers Die? Did She Commit Suicide? Know Her Cause of Death

The death of an acclaimed model, Kristen Rae Myers from New Martinsville, West Virginia shocked the entire country. She was found dead at her home in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 25th, 2022. Fans across and industry insiders are mourning the loss after the passing of a talented woman probably most known for her beauty and boldness.

Keep reading to know more about Kristen Myers, including who she was, how she died, what was the cause of her death, did she commit suicide, tributes for Kristen Rae Myers, and much more!

Who Was Kristen Rae Myers?

On December 8, 1988, Kristen Rae Myers was born in Clarksburg, United States. She was the daughter of the late Greg A. Myers and Jane Conley of New Martinsville. When Kristen graduated from Valley High School in 2007, she had already been making great strides toward her long-term objectives. She achieved this by participating in cheering, gymnastics, and dance.

She proceeded to New York, and it was a photo shoot there that finally resulted in the first door being opened. She got invitations to participate in picture assignments for the magazine Maxim and Prada. The next stop on her journey was California, where she continued to work as a model. The following stop on her journey was this. After moving to California, Kristen decided she wanted to work in the entertainment sector.

She made her acting debut in the movie Marauders, after which she joined SAG-AFTRA, started producing a Netflix project, and started working for Warner Bros. After working as an actress for Lionsgate, Kristen eventually transitioned into the world of television hosting. Kristen cherished traveling. She went to elementary schools on “Career Day” to inspire young children.

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How Did Kristen Rae Myers Die? Did She Commit Suicide

Kristen Rae Myers, a well-known model, and actress whose aura made her one of the top in the modeling industry was found dead on Sunday, December 25th. The exact reason for her death is still not revealed, however, numerous online sources claim Kristen Rae Myers died from an apparent suicide at her home in Los Angeles, California. Reportedly, she was found unconscious in bed by her housekeeper, and also unconfirmed reports stated that she became depressed after separating from her boyfriend.

Jarvis-Williams Funeral Homes in New Martinsville, West Virginia, have made her death news public.

“I sincerely regret your separation from us, Kristen. I still recall the day we first spoke at Twelve Whiskey Barbecue in Pittsburgh’s South Side. We became friends after I approached you after noticing that you were wearing red bottoms and asked, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

Funeral Arrangement

Following burial in Tyler County, West Virginia’s Long Cemetery in Wick. On Sunday, January 8, 2023, from noon until the start of the service at 2 p.m., friends could view the body of Kristen Rae Myers at the Jarvis-Williams Funeral Home in New Martinsville, West Virginia.

Tributes for Kristen Rae Myers

Many tributes have been extended to Kristen on her sad demise, and her friends and loved ones are extending condolences and prayers on social media channels.

Lito Corpuz wrote a heart-touching message,

“So sad and heartbroken to hear you were taken from us Kristen!!! I remember the day I met you in the South Side of Pittsburgh at Twelve Whiskey Barbecue. I noticed you were wearing red bottoms and immediately went up to you and said “You’re not from around here, are you?” and we were friends ever since. Prayers, Love and Positive Vibes for Jane and the rest of your family. 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 Rest With God Kristen Rae Myers 💔

Rachel Jorich wrote,

“So heartbreaking! I think I’m still in shock. So much love pouring out to her friends and family.”

Crystal Phillips commented,

“Rest in peace! Kristen, hope god let your soul in a better place.”

Jane Long mentioned,

“Kristen is receiving so much affection from her friends and family and had a lot of friends, and enjoyed spending time with them.”

Sean Dungee said,

“Whole condolences to Kristen Rae’s family for this loss.”

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