How Did Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko Die? What Happened to South African Celebrity Chef

Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko was a beloved South African celebrity chef who rose to fame for his culinary expertise and infectious personality. However, his untimely death on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 left many fans shocked and saddened. Many people are still wondering what caused his sudden demise, and speculation about the circumstances surrounding his death is widespread.

Lentswe was a trailblazer in his field, and his innovative cooking style and his good nature inspired a new generation of chefs and food enthusiasts.

In this article, we will deep dive into the life and legacy of Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko, and explore the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing with a lot more details.

Who Was Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko?

Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko was born on October 31, 1986, in Johannesburg, South Africa. From a young age, he had a passion for cooking, and he pursued this interest by studying culinary arts at the International Hotel School in Durban. After completing his studies, he began working as a sous chef at a prestigious restaurant in Cape Town, where he honed his skills and developed a reputation for creating innovative and delicious dishes.

In 2017, Lentswe rose to national prominence after winning the popular South African cooking competition show, “My Kitchen Rules.” His charismatic personality and impressive culinary skills captured the hearts of viewers across the country, and he quickly became a household name. Following his victory on the show, Lentswe went on to launch his own line of spice blends, and he continued to inspire and delight audiences with his cooking.

In addition to his culinary achievements, Lentswe was also known for his philanthropic work, and he was involved in a number of charitable initiatives aimed at tackling food insecurity and poverty in South Africa. He was a vocal advocate for social justice and equality, and he used his platform to raise awareness about important issues facing his country and his community.

How Did Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko Die? Cause of Death Explained

A popular South African Celebrity chef and TV personality Chef Lentswe Bhengu – Mafoko sadly passed away on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023. Chef Lentswe made an appearance on a number of TV programs, including Africa on a Plate, KFC Taste Kitchen, Celebrity Mystery Box, Cheeky Plate, Great SA Bake Off, and others.

The cause of his death was initially shrouded in mystery, but it was later revealed that Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko died due to a short illness. The burial plans and last rites for Lentswe Bhengu have not yet been disclosed by anyone.

The news of Chef Lentswe Bhengu was made public by a family spokesperson with a heartfelt note. The statement, which was posted on Instagram, reads,

“We affirm the untimely death of our beloved son and brother Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko, fondly known to the media and his culinary family as Chef Lentswe with sincere regret.

According to the announcement, Chef Lentswe passed away on Tuesday at Sandton Medi-Clinic following a brief illness.

Tributes Emerged for Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko

The news of his death sent shockwaves through the South African culinary community, and fans and colleagues alike took to social media to express their condolences and pay tribute to his legacy.

Kgopolo was the one who first informed media and other outlets about his unfortunate passing with a statement and his exact cause of death, saying

“Chef Lentswe’s death has been reported by the Bhengu-Mafoko family.  A statement claims that Lentswe passed away on February 28 at JHB. Lentswe made numerous television appearances.”

Poppulse SA was shocked by the news of his demise and sent lots of condolences and sympathies to the bereaved family of Chef Lentswe.

The South African Chef Association posted on Facebook with condolences, saying

“The SA Chefs Association extends its sincere condolences to Chef Lenstwe Bhengu-Mafoko’s family, acquaintances, and coworkers.”

Lentswe Bhengu-Mafoko was a beloved South African celebrity chef whose life was tragically cut short by a short illness. His legacy as a trailblazer in the culinary world and a beloved public figure will continue to inspire and impact people across South Africa and beyond.

We send our profound sympathies to Lentswe Bhengu-family Mafoko during this difficult time and pray that his soul will find a better place. Visit our website frequently to read similar articles, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and prayers in the space provided below for Lentswe Bhengu’s friends and family.

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