How did Mark Stokes die? What was his cause of death? The scientist tweeted “Time for me to say goodbye”

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The death of Professor Mark Stokes, an internationally renowned scientist a neuroscience professor at Oxford University, has left colleagues and fans deeply saddened. Recently, Stokes tweeted about the severity of his health and that he had days to live. It was within just a few hours, his post went viral with thousands of followers sending in words of prayers and strength to him.

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Who is Mark Stokes?

Dr. Mark Stokes was an accomplished scientist who conducted groundbreaking research into the role of selective attention in the cognitive processes that enable us to perceive, remember and make decisions according to the University Of Oxford. As Head of Attention Group at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Mark leads a wide-ranging program delving into the scientific principles behind our capacity for higher level thought. His work offers real insight into how our brains navigate everyday life, demonstrating his passion and commitment to understanding the science behind human behavior.

His brilliance as a scientist and educational achievements proved time and time again that he was a force to be reckoned with in the field of Neuroscience. In 2012 he gained an MRC Career Development Fellowship to investigate the neural basis of selective inhibition as a principal researcher in Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology, leading him to earn the respected title of University Research Lecturer.

To add to his impressive list of accomplishments, Mark was subsequently elected to a Science Research Fellowship at St John’s College. His dedication and hard work are inspiring and have contributed significantly towards advancements within the scientific world.

What did Mark Stokes say on Twitter?

On 18th December 2022, Mark Stokes shared a heart-wrenching final tweet saying “Hi folks, I’m afraid it’s time for me to say goodbye. Not just leaving Twitter, but the whole show.” He continued saying, “I’ve been battling cancer last 2 years, but now only have a few days left now. Thank you wonderful people, I leave this crazy world with much love in my heart.”

Mark was believed to be in his early 40s, his final words were an outpouring of love and support even from those who had never met him in person. Throughout his battle against cancer in his last two years, this individual’s optimism inspired countless others around the world who may have been facing similar adversities but lacked the courage to show it on a public platform.

Mark stokes added, “Thank you wonderful people, I leave this crazy world with much love in my heart.”

His post went viral on social media and thousands of comments were posted by his friends and known ones expressing their grief and strength to Stokes for what all he has done for everyone.

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How did he die? What was his cause of death?

Mark Stokes was suffering from cancer for the last two years. His battle with cancer was the cause of his death.

It was on 19th December 2022, that Gregory Hilton a friend of Mark Stokes share on Facebook confirming the sad demise of Mark Stokes. He mentioned “A heartfelt goodbye to Dr. Mark Stokes”, followed by his post people have commented prayers for his family and expressed grief of his early passing.

People paying tributes on social media

A lot of comments and tributes had been poured on the sad demise of Mark Stokes. Social media is flooded with consoles and the early death of Dr. Mark Stokes.

Glynn Washington wrote in his tweet “May all the light of the universe illuminate your journey, Mark. Thank you for reminding us what is actually important,”

In a Facebook post Paul Mason a classmate of Mark shared “loads of heart and incredible clarity,”, He added “The gracefulness of his acceptance is inspirational. He humbled the whole egoism of humanity. The imprint he made on us will be eternal.”

Our heart goes out to Dr. Mark Stokes family and loved ones, we extend our prayers to them. Thank you for reading the article, hope you have got the required information through this article, please share your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Even in his last moments he is teaching the human race what are they and what life is?
    If that does not move your emotions and thinking nothing will.
    May he rest in peace.


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