How Did Michael Jent Die? What Happened to 16 Year Old Swimmer?

One of the Carmel High School students and an emerging swimmer, Michael Jent tragically passed away on Sunday morning, January 8th, 2023. Jent raced for the Carmel Swim Club and had done a tremendous job for his team in the last few months. Since his first year, he had been a part of the high school swim team and became the leading swimmer in his school.

Keep reading to know more about Michael Jent, including who he was, how he died, what was the cause of his death, tributes for Michael Jent, and much more!

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What Happened to Michael Jent?

At the Olivia on Main apartments, Jent had an automobile accident at 5:15 in the Morning. Just east of Old Meridian Street, on West Main Street in the 1100 block, is where that is located.

It seems that a car was driving east on Main Street when the driver lost control, crashing into the structure. The vehicle and building sustained significant damage as a result of the incident, according to a press statement from Carmel Police on Friday. The report says, Jent was the only one in the car.

According to the TV station, Michael Jent was operating a vehicle on Main Street when he suddenly lost control and slammed into an apartment complex.

The Carmel Current said that Jent, a junior at Carmel High School, had been driving to swim practice. According to WIBC, he was the only person in the car.

The driver was identified by Carmel Police as Michael Jent, a junior on the swim team at Carmel High School. Jent was admitted to the hospital on Friday with significant injuries, but he was declared dead early on Sunday.

How Did Michael Jent Die? Cause of Death

Michael Jent, a 16-year-old student at Carmel High School, passed away on Sunday, January 8th, 2023, after suffering injuries in a single-vehicle collision early on Friday.

He was taken to the hospital by first responders for treatment. The building and Jent’s, which are located on the southwest corner of Main and Old Meridian streets, sustained significant damage in the collision.

The 16-year-old also suffered broken ribs, a broken femur, and a fractured head. He was given medicinal treatment to induce coma, the doctors said.

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Principal Tim Phares informed CHS parents in an email that “Michael’s parents had asked for the community to remember him and his family in their prayers and thoughts.” Swimming World took to social media channel to confirm his departure as he died due to a fatal accident,

Carmel Police Statement

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Jent family as well as the students and staff of Carmel High School as they continue to absorb this sad loss,” said Lt. Tim Byrne of the Carmel Police Department when Jent’s passing was reported on Sunday.

Carmel Police stated that “CHS is also requesting that any children who may be experiencing issues at home call 988 to contact a 24-hour hotline and talk to a live counselor.”

“The road is closed until 9:30 a.m. on Main Street between Old Meridian Street and Grand View”, they mentioned.

Tributes for Michael Jent

As word circulated Sunday that Jent did not survive, a massive memorial grew at the destroyed property.

Peyton Newkirk, Jent’s younger brother’s friend stated,

“I was terrified and stunned to my core and we were all hoping Michael would make it. I merely feel sorry for his loved ones. The fragility of life is kind of insane. The future is not guaranteed, “Newkirk stated.”

Linda Watson tweeted, “A Florida swimmer’s grandmother is sending her condolences.”

Cassie Jackson shared this news with a heavy heart, saying

“You may count on my prayers as I raise up the CHS swim teams, friends, teachers, and administration as they return to class today in anguish.”

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